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Greenville Aviation Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an aircraft related accident, have someone reach out to our Greenville aviation accident attorney as soon as practical after the incident. The days following the plane, helicopter or other air travel accident are critical to recovering the evidence necessary to help prove your case.

By performing a timely and thorough investigation, we are better able to determine the factors contributing to the crash; the manufacturer, the owner, the pilot, the maintenance team, or the air traffic controller. We will make sure that the at-fault party is held accountable for their negligence or errors and that your financial burden is addressed. Auger & Auger is committed to ensuring that you are compensated in full accordance with your rights.

Shouldn’t Pilots Be Fit To Fly?

When you board an aircraft, you do so with minimal knowledge about the people you are entrusting with your safety. You seldom have contact with the pilots as you board, but you trust they are medically fit to fly the plane and have required checkups, things like that. Actually, those requirements were loosened by the FAA in 2017 under the BasicMed rule. For the past year, pilots have been able to fly without an FAA medical certificate providing they have met certain requirements.

Health conditions, both known and unforeseen, can contribute to aerial accidents but they certainly aren’t the only cause. When pilots or air traffic controllers are thought to have contributed to such an incident, there are common factors to blame:

  1. Pilot Workload – The crew is expected to carry out multiple tasks when a plane takes off and lands. A requirement to complete several tasks coupled with being able to hear and follow instructions from air traffic control, confusion can occur.
  2. Controller Workload – An air traffic controller is responsible for multiple aircraft at one time. It can be difficult to monitor individual airliners closely.
  3. Distraction – This may be on the part of the pilot or the air traffic controller.

Because every aviation accident is unique, we know that other factors may come into play prior to an accident. Negligence or error on the part of the pilot may include intoxication, a failure to file an appropriate flight plan, failure to follow Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), or failure to follow Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Greenville Aviation Accident Attorney

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Why You Need A Confident Legal Team

Fear of flying is more common than you may think. Though the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million — accidents do happen. And sometimes a person’s fear is more about not being in control, fear of heights or claustrophobia. When you and your loved one virtually put your life in the hands of a pilot and crew, you have every right to trust that you will reach your destination unharmed. Should the remote possibility occur, you are entitled to compensation under South Carolina personal injury law. That said, you are going up against huge corporate insurance carriers, and you shouldn’t go it alone.

Auger & Auger’s Greenville aviation accident attorney represents the victims, seeking the maximum amount of compensation allowable under current law. We know that you are under a great deal of stress and the costs of medical care can be astronomical. You should not be forced to decide between hiring a lawyer, paying a medical bill or putting food on the table. Call our office today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our zero-fee guarantee. We have worked tirelessly to build a strong and trustworthy reputation within the local community. Let us put our good name to work for you!

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