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Greenville Car Accident Lawyer

Greenville County is not only known for its beautiful green spaces, waterways, and upscale shops — unfortunately, it is also known as the worst area in the state for traffic fatalities. There have been over 300 road deaths since 2014, making accidents a norm that no one in the Upstate wants to claim. In fact, South Carolina itself is ranked as one of the most dangerous states in which to drive; averaging 1.88 deaths per 100 miles traveled.   

Auger & Auger has represented countless victims of vehicle collisions. After attending to your medical needs, your next call should be to our Greenville auto accident attorney who will send a team to the scene of your accident to gather documentation, statements, and logistics. There’s a lot involved in winning a personal injury case and securing the compensation you deserve.

While no one can foresee a car accident, they are rarely mere accidents. More often than not, they are the result of negligence, error or reckless behavior on the part of a driver. We believe that the at-fault party must be held accountable for their decisions.

Roadway Accidents in Greenville, SC Primarily Due to Distractions

A collision can be the result of any number of factors — speeding, reckless operation, impaired driving — but the number one cause of accidents across the country is distracted driving. South Carolina is not immune from this problem; to the state’s Department of Public Safety, in 2016 there were 5,698 injury collisions from distracted driving.

Greenville Texting and Driving Accident Attorney

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What exactly is taking the drivers’ attention away from the road? Our Greenville auto accident attorney has seen victims suffer devastating results from the following driving distractions:

  • Cell phones – Lawmakers failed to pass a bill into law that would have made the use of electronic devices behind the wheel illegal. Texting, talking, emailing and online browsing while driving are substantially increasing the risk of collision.
  • Eating – It’s not unusual for people to run through the drive-thru for a snack, but that’s not the problem. Instead of stopping to eat, they usually rummage through the bag, unwrap the contents, and have their meal behind the wheel.
  • Grooming – Putting on makeup, brushing your hair, and straightening your tie all take attention from the road. Wait until you’re pulled over and the engine is off — or tidy yourself up in an office restroom, not in the car.
  • Passengers – If you routinely drive with children, friends, or clients in your vehicle you know how distracting it can get. Encourage anyone riding in your car to keep the noise level down so you can concentrate solely on the road.

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When you’ve been involved in a local collision, our Greenville auto accident attorney knows there can very well be life-changing consequences for you and your loved ones. Even with minor injuries, you will still be forced to pay medical bills and insurance co-pays which can easily throw your budget off track. Your family doesn’t deserve to be placed in financial distress because someone else made a poor decision behind the wheel.

With over five decades of combined legal experience, the firm of Auger & Auger is the best choice for pursuing your legal rights in civil court. If another driver was found at-fault for your accident, they must be held accountable. Call us today to discuss how we can help you. We will explain our zero-fee guarantee and assist you in making the best decisions for your case.

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