Lake Norman Boating Accident Lawyer

Lake Norman is the largest lake in North Carolina and is used primarily for recreation.  With 520 miles of shoreline and over 50 square miles of surface area, it is home to many boats and jet skis.  Unfortunately though, even when having fun, serious and life threatening injuries can occur.  The majority of these injuries are due to negligent operation of a watercraft and can result in devastating injuries to the occupants of the watercraft, operators and passengers in other watercraft and/or non-occupants that are wading or swimming in the lake.

Whether you are on a boat, in the water, or being pulled by a boat, your injury claim will be very complex, as watercraft accidents oftentimes involve both State and Federal Maritime Law.

Why You Need a Lawyer for your Boating Accident Claim

  • Boating accidents are complex and subject to both federal and state law. It is imperative that you retain a law firm with prior experience and knowledge in boating accident law
  • Locating applicable insurance can be problematic due to lack of reporting by owners and minimal database management by the state agencies.
  • Unlike other claims, evidence regarding boating accident claims can disappear quickly.  There are no skid marks, street signs or intersections.  The sooner you hire an experienced boating lawyer, the sooner we can begin gathering evidence.

Lawyers for People Injured in Lake Norman Jet Ski and Boating Accidents

The boating accident attorneys at Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers have been helping victims of boating and Jet Ski accidents on Lake Norman for over 20 years. Both partners have spent half their lives along the coast, maintain advanced scuba certification, are regular boaters, and know the rules of boat safety. “We know the law, will work to locate applicable insurance and will begin our investigation immediately to preserve the evidence supporting your case” partner Herb Auger.

Frequent Causes of Boat and Jet Ski Accidents

Jet Ski and boating accidents usually happen when the driver is speeding, not paying attention, intoxicated and or not properly trained in the operation of the watercraft. Accidents can occur with other watercraft, a submerged object or swimmers, when boaters neglect the people in the water around them, and either run into swimmers or back into them with their propellers.

Unlike land-use motor vehicles, jet skis and boats are not equipped with safety devices such as seatbelts or airbags. Riders and passengers of jet skis and boats are very susceptible from being ejected following a crash, leading to serious injury and sometimes death by drowning.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating or jet ski accident, call us now. You will speak with an attorney, not a paralegal or legal assistant, and your consultation is free.