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Cabarrus County Personal Injury Attorney

Innocent people often fall victim to the negligence of others, such as in car, truck, motorcycle or boating accidents, dog attacks, work accidents, and day care accidents. Victims are often left physically harmed and financially crippled. The Cabarrus County injury lawyers at Auger & Auger understand the heavy toll that such unfortunate accidents put on those who are unexpectedly injured due to someone else’s negligence, and our job is to help you through these rough times. While the first few weeks following an injury or wreck can be devastating, our attorneys will assist you with insurance company tactics, ensuring that you get the medical attention you need, and compensation for damage to your property. As Cabarrus County injury attorneys, we share a very personal community bond with our neighbors and personally get involved in every case.

Auger & Auger Can Help

According to North Carolina population statistics, in Cabarrus County, 95% of registered workers commute to work each day in an automobile. This means that people in Cabarrus County are at a high risk of being hit by an unskilled or distracted driver, as such a great portion of the population will be on the road at the same time. Whether on a crowded roadway, or while walking your pet, if you are injured by a car accident and file a claim with your insurance company, you could find yourself fighting an uphill battle with the insurance company to cover any medical or repair costs to yourself or your property. On our legal team is a former insurance company representative who knows how insurance companies work and knows how to deal with them in the most effective way.

At Auger & Auger, we combine over 40 years of legal experience with our unique understanding and ability to deal with insurance companies to provide our clients with the best possible means of attaining the compensation that they deserve.

Cabarrus County Injuries

Of the 63,050 people who driver or carpool in Cabarrus county, there are, on average, 16 fatal car accidents per year, and hundreds of accidents causing physical injury. In 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in North Carolina, 148 workers had been killed on the job, and that the number was on the rise from previous years. After any accidents like these, attaining legal advice is imperative to both your physical and economic well-being.

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Following an accident, get the legal help and assistance that you need by calling our office for a free confidential consultation. You will speak to an attorney, not a paralegal, legal assistant, investigator, or secretary. At Auger & Auger, we provide our clients with personal attention from the moment they call our office.  We do not charge clients unless there is a settlement-If we cannot help you, you won’t pay a dime.  Our University Office is conveniently located within minutes of I85, US29, and NC49.

The list of prior client settlement results and client reviews/testimonials, do not constitute a promise of any particular result in any particular case, as each and every case is unique. Each case was handled on its own merit, and the outcome of any case cannot be predicted by a lawyer or law firms past results.

If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

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