Raleigh Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite or canine attack can cause disfigurement, permanent life-changing injuries, or even death. The victims of a dog bite need to understand the laws for holding the dog’s owner accountable. You should contact an experienced dog bite attorney in Raleigh if you or a loved one is the victim of a bite incident.

Who is Responsible for Dog Bites in Raleigh?

North Carolina Code Section 67-12 makes a dog owner responsible for a canine attack if the dog is at least six months old and if the dog is running “at large” in the nighttime and not accompanied by the owner or someone else with authority.  The dog owner is strictly liable for any damages the at-large dog causes to persons, property, or other animals. This means the owner is responsible even if negligence is not proved.

Dog owners are also responsible for bites or attacks that happen as a result of their carelessness, or for bites that involve a dog that has previously bitten, shown signs of aggression or is of a bread that is known to be dangerous.

In some cases, others can be held responsible for bite incidents including landlords who may have been negligent in not responding to complaints of a dangerous dog on property. A dog bite attorney in Raleigh can help you to determine who to take legal action against in situations when a bite or attack has caused injury or damage.

Contact Our Dog Bite Attorneys and Take Legal Action after a Dog Bite

When a bite incident occurs, the dog’s owner can be held legally responsible for the costs of medical treatment, including plastic surgery to try to repair scarring and disfigurement caused by the dog. The owner can also be held liable if you miss work, if the dog bite injuries reduce earning potential, and if you experience pain as a result of the injuries. Dog bites can be traumatic, and many people suffer from post-traumatic stress or anxiety after a canine attack. The dog’s owner can also be held legally responsible for compensating you for the emotional distress endured.

Many people are injured by the dogs of friends or family members. You should not hesitate to make a claim for compensation after a dog bite even when the dog belonged to someone you know. Renters and homeowner’s insurance policies pay compensation for bite injuries so your friend will not face personal financial loss in order for you to be compensated for the bite. Reporting a bite injury also does not necessarily result in the dog being put down, as the decision is made on a case-by-case basis considering the history of the dog. It is your right to get the compensation you need, and you should feel confident in taking advantage of the legal protections that North Carolina law affords bite victims.

Getting Help from a Raleigh Dog Bite Lawyer

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