South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney

If an accident resulted in either immediate or subsequent death after injuries, this is known as wrongful death. At Auger & Auger, it’s the job of our South Carolina wrongful death attorney to fight hard to ensure that surviving family members do not incur significant financial losses.

We understand how stressful the aftermath of a fatal accident can be and we will always strive to do everything possible to take on the burden of protecting your rights — so you can focus on your family and personal care.

We will be there from the first phone call, to help you pursue maximum compensation for any wrongful death accident. Meanwhile, we have included answers to some key questions for you below:

  • What are my rights after a loved one was killed in a fatal accident?
  • How can I obtain wrongful death damages after a fatal accident?
  • How can a South Carolina wrongful death attorney help me?

What are My Rights after a Loved One is Killed in a Fatal Accident?

If your family member loses his or her life in a fatal accident, you should contact an Auger & Auger South Carolina wrongful death attorney to pursue your claim for compensation. We will fight to recover monetary damages for the economic losses sustained due to the untimely death of your loved one. There will also be potential companionship benefits for the loss of an important relationship you shared with your family member.

Wrongful death damages can be substantial, as you should be entitled to recover compensation for the income the deceased would have brought to your family had that life not been cut short. Be sure to work with one of our highly skilled lawyers, with the knowledge and experience to help you argue for full and fair compensation from the person who caused your loved one’s untimely death.

How Can I Obtain Wrongful Death Damages after a Fatal Accident?

Surviving family members can be compensated through a negotiated out-of-court settlement, and in fact, many wrongful death claims are resolved this way. The person who caused harm — or, more commonly, that person’s insurance company — will make a settlement offer.

A South Carolina wrongful death attorney can help to negotiate a fair settlement. Negotiations may follow and if an amount is agreed upon, the family of the victim is paid a set amount of compensation, in exchange for a signed release of liability.

If no settlement is reached, Auger & Auger will not hesitate to take your case to court, and if your claim can be proven, the jury should find for you and award compensation for the untimely death of your loved one.

How can a South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me?

There is a lot at stake in wrongful death cases because the damages are so great when someone has been killed due to negligence or wrongdoing. Contact Auger & Auger, and you will find out how a compassionate and knowledgeable South Carolina wrongful death attorney can help you to pursue your claim and maximize the chances of your being justly compensated.