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Cargo Truck Accident Lawyer

Cargo trucks are big. They’re heavy. And, when they hit you, they hurt.

You can find these large commercial vehicles just about anywhere in the U.S. According to the American Trucking Associations, there are 892,078 registered trucking companies in the country. Collectively, commercial trucks drove 297.6 billion miles on public roads in 2017. cargo truck on road

Unfortunately, all this driving leads to some accidents. In 2017, cargo trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles were involved in 116,000 injury-causing accidents and 4,455 fatal accidents.

Auger & Auger wants to protect drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians from the potentially serious financial consequences of a cargo truck accident. We recognize that you can have huge losses as a result of your crash. Between hospitable bills, vehicle repairs, and the emotional distress you experience, it can feel like you have a mountain of debt to climb over before you recover.

Let us give you a boost. We provide experienced legal assistance that fights for your right to the full extent of compensation. We stand up to big corporations and insurance companies that could be trying to reduce or deny your claim.

Our firm has collected over $50 MILLION for our clients in our 26-plus years of experience. Call us today if you want to talk to a cargo truck accident attorney who’s motivated to get you the most money possible for your injuries.

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We Win Cases for Our Clients

No personal injury attorney can guarantee results, but they can instill confidence by pointing to a history of past client successes.

At Auger & Auger, we want you to rest assured that we will do everything we can to win your case. We fight for full, fair settlement offers. If that doesn’t work, we are willing to take legal action against all at-fault parties. We aren’t afraid to take on the big insurance companies that represent trucking companies.

Our past case outcomes include:

  • $700,000 Truck Accident — A construction worker sustained permanent back and spine injuries when he was hit by a truck driver who ran a red light.
  • $300,000 Truck Accident — Our client’s vehicle rolled over after a truck struck her vehicle from behind, severely injuring her arm.
  • $1.4 Million Bicycle Accident — A car failing to yield right-of-way struck our client, an avid cyclist, causing head fractures that required surgery.

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What Is a Cargo Truck?

A cargo truck is a vehicle dedicated to hauling goods, materials, tools, and other cargo.

Some of these vehicles are company-owned and dedicated to making deliveries and hauls for their own business. Other cargo trucks work under contract, hauling anything for anyone.

The types of vehicles that most people refer to as “cargo trucks” have fixed beds rather than detachable trailers. They are often shorter 20’ – 30’ vehicles, such as moving vans, box vans, and delivery trucks.

However, “cargo truck” is not a technical industry term, so it can easily refer to any 18 wheeler or other large commercial truck.

Causes of Cargo Truck Accidents

Many cargo truck accidents are caused by driver negligence. “Negligence” is a legal term that refers to a situation where someone failed to obey laws, violated trucking regulations, or didn’t act like a “reasonable person” would and then caused an accident, leading to injuries and/or property damage.

Truck driver negligence is responsible for tens of thousands of accidents across the U.S. each year.

long-term study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that the following were common causes or contributors to cargo truck accidents:

  • Prescription drug use
  • Over-the-counter drug use
  • Illegal drug use
  • DUI
  • Traveling too fast for conditions
  • Unfamiliarity with roadway
  • Failing to survey road conditions
  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Following too closely
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Illegal maneuvers

Additionally, 10% of drivers in the studied accidents said they, “felt under work pressure from the carrier,” which means that the employer’s negligence towards driver safety was a contributing factor.

How to Pursue a Claim or Lawsuit Against a Cargo Truck Driver

When a cargo truck driver is negligent and causes an accident and injuries, their employers may be responsible for the damages. This is a legal concept known as “respondeat superior” or “Let the Master Answer.” It has been upheld in multiple North Carolina accident cases as well as in other federal and out-of-state courts.

Cargo truck accident injury victims will file a personal injury claim with the insurance provider that represents the employer of the truck driver who hit you. This claim will request repayment, in full, of all the damages you have experienced as a result of your accident.

Common damages from a cargo truck accident can include:

  • Medical bills, past, and future
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more
Why You May Need a Cargo Truck Accident Attorney to Fight with Insurers

Often, insurance companies will fail to recognize the full value of an injury claim. They may send a “lowball” settlement offer, or deny coverage for some of your medical treatment that they deemed wasn’t “reasonable and necessary.”

A cargo truck accident lawyer can represent your case and fight back against insurers who don’t want to pay. Your attorney will document the full costs of your injury along with sworn statements from medical professionals to prove that your expenses were both reasonable and necessary.

If an insurer doesn’t want to settle, Auger & Auger is willing to take them to court. We are more than willing to file lawsuits on our clients’ behalf and argue their case in front of juries. Our team will work hard to convince the jury that the defendant was at fault and that our clients deserve fair compensation for their damages. We can’t guarantee any result or outcome, but we can guarantee that our team will fight for you!

Call to Get Your Free Case Review

Cargo truck accident attorneys at Auger & Auger are waiting to take your case. Whether you are injured in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida, we want to help serve you.

We never charge you for a case evaluation, and you never have to pay any legal fees unless we are able to recover damages for your injuries.

You can schedule a free, no-obligation case review with one of our personal injury lawyers when you call (855) 971-0559 or contact us online today.

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