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Charlotte Sweethearts Killed In Davidson County Wreck

Flowers at a graveA Davidson County car accident has claimed the lives of Charlotte sweethearts Shavalos Jameson and Simone McDuffie, and has left Jameson’s stepbrother Trevor Rutherford with life threatening injuries. According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, a car owned by Jameson was being driven by McDuffy when the vehicle abruptly turned into the guardrail on southbound US52 and careened off the bridge, falling nearly 50 feet and on to US64.

Together in life, together in death. Shavalos and Jameson had reportedly been dating for the 5 years since they met as high school students in Charlotte. Family members describe the pair as inseparable and recall how after McDuffie went off to college at Winston-Salem State University, Jameson would make the drive up to Winston Salem every weekend to pick up his fiancée and bring her home to Charlotte.

North Carolina State Troopers do not think that drugs or alcohol played a role in this tragic accident, and are continuing their investigation. Bobby McCall, next-door neighbor of Shavalos Jameson, told WSOC-TV that he had seen Jameson doing repair work on the car earlier that day and he had warned Jameson to be careful. McCall advised reporters that here had been a problem with the tie rod (part of the steering mechanism of the car).

North Carolina law requires the steering mechanism of a motor vehicle to be maintained in proper working order. According to, replacing steering components, such as tie rods, involves a high degree of complexity. Before undertaking a car repair on your own, CarTalk recommends you consider the following:

-What is the risk of serious injury if something goes wrong during or after the repair>
-What is the risk of serious damage to the car?
-How complex is the repair, and are special or expensive tools required?

If it is true that Jameson’s vehicle did in fact have a problem with the tie-rod, he should never have allowed the vehicle to be driven without replacing the worn out or broken part. The tie rod is an integral part of the steering of a vehicle, and if a tie rod breaks while driving, it will likely cause the driver to lose control of the car.

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