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Does a motorcycle accident affect my car insurance?

If you’re not at fault, your rates are not going to go up. When you are at fault your rates will go up. The police officer will note on the police report who is at fault and DMV will put that on your license. So, if you’re charged at fault for a motorcycle wreck, your rates should go up and if you’re not at fault they will not raise your rates. That’s not different than any other type of accident, whether it’s auto or truck.


How much is a motorcycle crash course?

Motorcycle safety courses generally cost $200 or more.

What is the difference between a car and a motorcycle insurance claim?  

There’s really no difference. Automobile and motorcycle claims are handled the same way, with respect to how liability or fault is determined and how the claim is evaluated and paid.

Who covers the cost of fixing my motorcycle?

If someone else was responsible for causing the motorcycle accident, that person – or their insurance company – is responsible for your property damage. Of course, if you’re at fault they don’t pay, but if you were not even partially at fault that insurance company should pay for the cost to repair your bike. If the cost to repair is greater than 75% of the market value, they’ll pay for the total loss value.

What is a motorcycle crash cage?

A motorcycle crash cage is designed to protect the frame of the bike, and is used predominantly by stunt riders.

What is a motorcycle crash bar?

The motorcycle crash bar was designed to protect the engine and body of the motorcycle in an accident. They have not been proven effective in reducing injuries, and they’re generally used as a frame on which to mount other accessories. It may protect the engine but it doesn’t protect the rider. So, if someone has one installed on their bike, but they get injured in a wreck, there was no implied protection for their body.

What is the E code for a motorcycle accident?

The E codes for motorcycle accidents fall under the E codes for motor vehicle traffic accidents, and include E810, E811, E812, E813, E814, E815, E816, E818, and E819.

How can I check to see if a motorcycle has been in an accident?

A reputable mechanic should be able to tell whether a motorcycle’s ever been in an accident, or not.

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