How long after a car accident can you make a claim for it?

Herb: In North Carolina you have three years to file a lawsuit based in negligence or you’ll be forever barred from doing so.  The sooner you file the claim, the sooner the insurance company can set up the claim, get a copy of the police report, speak with the other driver, speak with their insured, and assign it to a claim rep.  If it’s a Thursday and you wait until Monday, that case may not get assigned to someone until Wednesday.  Then they have to speak with their insured and investigate before putting you in a rental car and looking at your vehicle.  If you do it the Thursday before, you might have your rental car property damage claim moving by Monday.

So a lot of it has to do with whether or not someone needs their car fixed or needs a rental car.  If you don’t, it’s probably no rush.


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