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Georgetown Police Accident Reports

The information provided for you on this page includes detailed instructions for acquiring a copy of your Police Accident Report for the city of Georgetown, South Carolina. If we can help to interpret and answer any questions you may have about your report, contact Auger & Auger for a free consultation at 843-751-4690. Reports are only provided to individuals directly involved in an accident. We do not provide reports to third parties such as attorneys, or insurance carriers.

You will want to secure a copy of your Police Accident Report, which is a compilation of the Investigating Officer’s findings. This report will be filed electronically and requires your participation to get a copy. There may be notations listing contributors to the accident, as well as a diagram or drawing to demonstrate the point of impact and any visible vehicle damages.

How to Obtain Your Georgetown Police Accident Report 

The Georgetown Police Department has provided us with the following details and points of contact to assist in the acquisition of your Police Accident Report. In Georgetown, the report may be obtained at the In-Person address below, after completing the Department’s release form. 

If prevailing circumstances do not allow you to file your request in this manner, you may request permission By Phone to send a person in your stead. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Department, your request may be mailed, and the report provided to you by return mail, fax, or email.

There is no fee for the involved parties of the accident, though uninvolved parties must pay $3.00 in cash and must come into the Department in person. Uninvolved parties will also be required to fill out a Freedom of Information Act form; for example, see FOIA Form G-639 and instructions on the U.S. Homeland Security site. 

At the time of your request, you may be asked to provide a Freedom of Information Act FOIA Request Form. If not available at the station or on its website, you may download Form G-639 and the instructions from U.S. Homeland Security. Uninvolved parties may be provided a redacted copy (at the discretion of the Records Officer).  


Georgetown SC Police Web Page

The above link is provided for your information, provides only a basic contact address and phone from the city site (which is included on this page for your convenience).  


By Phone

Phone: 843-545-4300, ask for Records assistance

Fax: 843-520-5848 


The Department is located in the C. Spencer Guerry Law Enforcement Center which also houses the 911 Center and Municipal Court. 

Georgetown Police Department

2222 Highmarket Street

Georgetown, SC 29440

Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Closed holidays

Note: For Interstate accident reports see the DMV mailing and in-person instructions in the next section.

By Mail

Please call the Department for permission and arrangements to acquire your Police Accident Report by mail. 

Georgetown Police Department

Attn: Records 

2222 Highmarket Street

Georgetown, SC 29440

If you were involved in a traffic accident on the Interstate, you will need to download and mail in this Request for Officer’s Report (SCDMV Form FR-50) from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. Fill out the form as completely as possible and sign. Send 2 copies along with a check or money order payable to SCDMV for $6.00, to the address below:

Financial Responsibility
P.O. Box 1498
Blythewood, SC 29016-0040

DMV In Person: The Blythewood and Columbia (Shop Road) branches of SCDMV can also complete this request if you are able to visit one of the following offices in person. Simply click the link to view the physical address, business hours, phone number and wait times for each office:

Columbia Shop Road


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