Oak Island Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Golf cart crashes are common in Oak Island, NC due to both the high volume of golf courses around the beach and the growing popularity of golf carts being used as a substitute for automobiles in beach communities.

Unfortunately, golf cart crashes are very often worse than car crashes due to the sheer nature of the roadway; Drivers who are anxious to get to the beach and inexperienced in driving around slower moving golf carts can amplify small mistakes. A fender-bender that would only break a car bumper car could kill passengers sitting in the unprotected back seat. A t-bone crash which may just break a door could have similarly drastic effects.

The Type of Golf Cart and Manner of Use Can Affect Your Right to Recovery

Under North Carolina law, golf carts are separated into two categories: street “allowed” and street-legal golf carts and laws pertaining to each differ.

It is important that the Oak Island golf cart injury lawyer that you hire to handle your case has an in depth knowledge of the law surrounding both types of golf carts and the roadway and liability laws that can determine culpable parties. In addition, street legal carts may require a separate insurance policy or endorsement over and above the coverage provided for golf carts on the standard homeowner’s policy.

Hire an Experienced Golf Cart Trial Attorney

Trial attorney Herbert Auger has been handling personal injury claims in North Carolina for over 20 years. “Unlike the typical car accident claim, golf cart injury claims can be difficult, especially in locating coverage to compensate the victim for their medical bills and injuries. We have developed a niche in handling golf cart claims and have been extremely successful in recovering substantial settlements for our clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a golf cart, do not hesitate to call me to learn your rights. The call as well as the consultation is free.”


Street-legal golf carts must be registered and licensed just like cars, contain brake lights, headlights, 4-wheel brakes, and owners must have proper insurance. In Ocean Isle, street legal carts can travel on the road, but cannot travel over 35 mph.

Street “Allowed”

Most golf carts are classified as street “allowed,” and are only allowed on private roads and golf courses, and can’t drive over 15 mph. Generally, they do not have brake lights or seatbelts. Although they are not legal on public roads, people often drive them to and from the beach on the roads and get in accidents.

Injuries in Golf Cart Accidents

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), most golf cart injuries occur when people fall out of a cart when turning or during golf cart crashes where people are ejected from their carts. During golf cart accidents, 40% of the time, people are thrown out of their carts. Injuries caused by ejection are often more dangerous than bad car accidents. Head and spinal injuries are very common in golf cart accidents for this very reason.

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