It happens when you least expect it, and no one is ever prepared for the hassles that follow.  You have become injured in an accident, through no fault of your own, and are now having to seek medical attention, your vehicle may not be drivable leaving you without transportation to get to your medical treatment, you may find yourself unable to return to work, or unable to pay your medical bills.  It is likely that you have many questions, but don’t know where to turn for answers.  The Statesville accident and injury lawyers at Auger & Auger provide a free consultation, and with more than 40 years combined legal experience, can answer your questions.  Since 1994, we have been handling only injury cases, including injuries caused by:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Crashes
  • Motorcycle Wrecks
  • Bicyclists and Pedestrians Hit by Motor Vehicles
  • On-the-job Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • ATV and Golf Cart Accidents
  • Boat/Jet Ski Accidents
  • Day Care Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

While the mechanism of injury may be different in each case, everyone injured goes through the same grueling process with medical bills, property damages, and having to deal with the insurance companies.

Why You Need a Statesville Personal Injury Lawyer

When we review the facts and circumstances around each case, we keep in mind the principles of negligence that must be proved in order to successfully resolve your case.  Likewise, we also anticipate the defenses to negligence that a skilled insurance adjuster may use to diminish the value of your case, or even deny your claim.  Many people are lulled into a false sense of security after reporting their claim to the applicable insurance company.  It is not until some time passes that they learn that the insurance company is dragging its feet, delaying their claim, minimizing their claim, or denying it.  This is why we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of an experienced injury attorney before making any statements to any insurance company. Partner Arlene Auger has previously worked as an attorney defending negligent parties on behalf of several large insurance companies, and is well aware of the tactics used by adjusters.  Put our experience to work for you.

No Legal Fee Until Recovery

When you call Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, your initial consultation is free of charge, regardless of how long the consultation lasts, and regardless of whether it is in person or over the telephone.  It is our goal to give you peace of mind that your interests are well protected, and that you have someone in your corner to fight for you.  We take great pride in the personal attention we give our clients, and the promptness in which we return all phone calls.  Throughout the duration of your case, we keep in regular contact with our clients and keep them informed of the progress of their case.  While most cases do settle out of court, we are always prepared to litigate when necessary.