9/11 Victims Compensation Funds Lawyers

September 11 victim memorial.

September 11, 2001, was one of the worst tragedies our nation has ever suffered. Thousands of first responders rushed to the scene to the scene, and millions of Manhattan residents, tourists, students, and others were directly affected by the dust and other aftereffects of the event.

Nearly 70 different cancers have been linked to toxins released on 9/11, as well as a variety of other illnesses. Shortly after the attack, Congress passed the Victim Compensation Fund, providing compensation for those who suffered injury or illness due to 9/11, as well as for families of victims who passed away.

At Auger & Auger, our 9/11 lawyers know how difficult your life may have been since the events on that fateful day in 2001. If you believe you qualify for the Victim Compensation Fund, we can help. Filing a claim for compensation can be complex. We can help you get the maximum compensation from the over $10 billion now available after the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund bill vote in 2019.

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Eligibility for the Victim Compensation Fund

There are a few different criteria you must meet in order to be eligible for the Victim Compensation Fund. First, you must have been present at the 9/11 crash site between September 11, 2001, and May 30, 2002. The crash site generally includes Manhattan below Canal Street, as well as a few other areas.

Second, you must now be suffering from a qualifying medical condition. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Nearly 70 different types of cancer, including mesothelioma, blood cancers, bone cancers and more
  • Acute traumatic injuries
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Aerodigestive traumatic disorders
  • Other physical injuries to the body, including death, caused by 9/11

Note that mental or psychological disorders do not currently qualify for the Victim Compensation Fund.

Individuals who may qualify for the Victim Compensation Fund include:

  • People who worked and/or lived below Canal Street
  • People who went to school below Canal Street
  • First responders, including police, firefighters and EMTs
  • Volunteers at Ground Zero
  • Utility workers, construction workers, and others who were in the area
  • And many more

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, our 9/11 lawyers can evaluate your case during a free consultation.

How to Apply for the Victim Compensation Fund

The easiest way to apply for the Victim Compensation Fund is online. You have to fill out specific forms that demonstrate you were at the site during the qualifying time, and you have a qualifying injury or illness. There’s a separate form if your loved one is deceased and you are filing a claim on their behalf. 

You can also file your claim by mail with a hard paper copy; however, the online system will be much quicker. After you file your claim, you will need to wait until the Victim Compensation Fund either approves or denies your claim. If approved, you can receive full compensation for your medical bills, as well as up to $200,000 a year for lost wages. 

You can also receive compensation for noneconomic damages — that is, damages that have nothing to do with money, such as pain and suffering and disfigurement. The caps on these damages is $90,000 if you don’t have cancer, and $250,000 if you do have cancer.

What Happens If My Claim Is Denied?

It’s not uncommon for Victim Compensation Fund claims to be denied. If your claim is denied, or you are granted less compensation than you believe you are entitled to, you have the right to appeal the decision. You can also appeal for greater compensation if new details about your injury or illness come to light. For instance, if you file a claim for interstitial lung disease and it’s approved, then you discover you actually have mesothelioma, you can appeal to get compensation for cancer victims.

However, filing an appeal can be highly complicated. It involves hearings at the Department of Justice and other steps that can be intimidating. That’s why it’s so important to have a 9/11 lawyer by your side throughout the entire process. We can file all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf, appear at any necessary hearings, and generally handle the entire process so you can spend time with your family.

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