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As Americans, we use a variety of tools, medicines, chemicals, and other products to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, many of these products malfunction or have side effects, and that can lead to severe injuries or illnesses. If these illnesses or injuries happen to a very small number of people, then a personal injury lawsuit may be in order.

However, if a large number of people are affected, then a class-action lawsuit, a mass tort lawsuit, or multidistrict litigation (MDL) may be needed. In class-action lawsuits, all of the people who have been injured or suffered an illness are represented in a single suit. This tactic has a few advantages. For one, class actions can reduce the costs of litigation, because numerous cases do not have to be presented.  Additionally, class actions ensure that plaintiffs with similar injuries are treated consistently. 

A mass tort however is a bit different.  Instead of people with injuries caused by a single defendant being grouped together in one case, mass tort cases involve plaintiffs having their own individual claims and potentially even lawsuits.  These cases are beneficial to plaintiffs because they recognize that some plaintiffs will have different injuries and maybe owed different compensation for their injuries as compared to another plaintiff that was also injured by the same defendant. Additionally, mass tort cases are beneficial when they make MDL status because the cases are then organized under one court, preventing courts across the country from becoming clogged with cases that can be better handled when they are grouped under one court. This is good for clients too because this system can help their cases move quicker, leading to quicker resolutions which can include settlements and verdicts. 

At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, our attorneys have represented victims and filed claims and lawsuits on behalf of injured plaintiffs for over 26 years. In addition, we have co-counsel relationships with other law firms all over the country to assist with mass tort and class action cases that may be filed outside of our main office locations in the Carolinas. 

Some of our main focuses currently include:

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Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Contamination Claims Lawyers

Undetermined numbers of individuals at the Camp Lejeune U.S. Marine Corps facility in North Carolina were exposed to toxic substances through contaminated drinking water between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987. It is possible that individuals who spent at least 30 cumulative days within the boundaries of the camp may have been affected by severe, chronic, and fatal health conditions.

As a result of new legislation, anyone with a medical condition associated with exposure during the timeframe listed above will have the right to make a claim for their illness. The U.S. government may be able to compensate them for medical costs, incidental expenses, and other damages directly related to their medical conditions.

A list of conditions related to this contaminated water exposure can be found here along with more details of potential next steps to filing a claim.

Dangerous Drugs and Mass Tort Lawyers

Most of us use medicine every day, whether it’s taking a couple of ibuprofen for a headache or taking a prescription drug for a rare disease. While these medicines are tested by the Food and Drug Administration before they’re released to the general market, there are cases in which unforeseen side effects can occur. In addition, some companies may hide side effects from consumers, such as when Purdue Pharma hid the addictiveness of OxyContin.

If you are injured or made ill by medicine, and that side effect wasn’t part of the drug warning label, you may be entitled to compensation. Chances are, you aren’t the only person who has faced these side effects. Dangerous drugs are one of the most common reasons mass tort lawsuits are filed.

While we handle a variety of dangerous drug cases, but we specifically focus on:

  • Xarelto, a blood thinner that can cause severe, incurable internal bleeding
  • Invokana and similar Type 2 diabetes medicines that are linked to heart attacks, kidney failure, bone fractures, and diabetic ketoacidosis

Update – We are no longer accepting Xarelto cases. The Xarelto MDL litigation that we were part of was successfully resolved in March of 2019.

Defective Medical Devices Mass Tort Lawyer

Medical devices are used for a variety of different issues, from hernias to hip issues and more. Like medicines, medical devices are often incredibly helpful — but can also be incredibly dangerous. However, faulty medical devices can be more dangerous than defective medicines. You can often stop taking dangerous medicines, but many defective devices are implanted and typically require surgery to remove them.

If you have been injured by a defective medical device, our lawyers can help you with a potential mass tort claim or lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve. The main clients we work with are victims of:

Roundup Mass Tort Lawyer

Roundup is one of the most widely-used weed killers in the world. Created by Monsanto (and later bought by Bayer), it was touted as “safe as table salt.” However, the main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is a major issue, as glyphosate from Roundup or similar herbicides can be found throughout our food chain, and it suffocates human cells.

Recently there have been several significant verdicts in individual Roundup cases. We are currently investigating potential cases for victims across the country, including potential clients living near our main offices in North Carolina and South Carolina:

Differences Between Class Actions and Mass Torts?

Class action suits, MDL and mass torts all have one goal: getting compensation for a large group of people who have suffered similar injuries or illnesses for similar reasons. While individuals may struggle to get compensation from large companies for their injuries or illnesses, there is power in numbers! However, there are a few differences between these different types of large representative cases.

Mass torts typically involve plaintiffs who suffered the same types of injuries or illness. Though there is a large group of people represented in mass torts, each plaintiff is treated as an individual. Therefore, each individual must present facts and evidence of how they were injured. 

Class action cases, on the other hand, may involve a much larger group of plaintiffs. This large group (referred to as a class) is treated as a single plaintiff. They are represented by a single person called the class representative, which is often one of the first people to bring forth the lawsuit. 

In order for a class-action lawsuit to be filed, four parameters must be met

  • The number of people being represented is so large that treating each one as an individual plaintiff is impractical
  • The class has common questions of fact or law
  • The representative has the same kind of claims and defenses as the class as a whole
  • The representative will protect the interests of the class

If these parameters aren’t met, the cases may be brought individually or as mass torts.

Get the Representation You Deserve from an Experienced Class Action Lawyer

Multi-plaintiff lawsuits are incredibly complex. It’s important to know all of your options if you have been injured or made ill by dangerous medicine, defective medical devices or chemicals like Roundup.

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