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Matthews Police Accident Reports

For obtaining an accident report online or in-person (see below).

When you or a loved one is recovering from the trauma associated with a car, motorcycle, tractor-trailer, or pedestrian accident, you want a well-known law firm on your side. Auger & Auger can help. If you’d like assistance in obtaining a copy of your Matthews wreck report to see what happened, please call (704) 364-3361. Reports are only provided to individuals directly involved in an accident. We do not provide reports to third parties such as attorneys, or insurance carriers.

These car crash reports contain extremely important information that you need after you go through a wreck. It will illustrate what happened with the use of a diagram, what each driver told the responding officer, an estimate of the amount of damage to your vehicle, and contact information for any witnesses who saw how the crash occurred.

The Police Officer’s Codes Determining Fault

Running vertically on both sides of your crash report are numbers listed in boxes. These numbers are used by Matthews Police Department to determine who is at fault for the accident, and they are easy to miss. Adjusters from insurance companies often look at these codes first thing to assist in determining who is at fault. When you call our office, we can interpret these codes and their meanings for you. We can also provide a free consultation about your crash, and review your report with you. We will give you invaluable advice that will aid in the pursuit of your claim.


The Matthews Police Department has an online website which retrieves your report. The criteria you would need to find this report include the following (the more information the better, but at least one of these fields should work):

  • The report number
  • Date of the accident
  • Last name of the driver
  • Location
  • First/last names
  • State (North Carolina)
  • Jurisdiction (Matthews Police Department)

The website to find your report is When visiting, just click Search to the right of your screen. Please be advised that there is a $2.00 charge associated with obtaining your report.

In Person

Wreck reports are available at the Records Division in the lobby of Matthews Police Headquarters, located at 1201 Crews Road, Matthews, NC 28105. The Records Division is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.


If for some reason you cannot locate your accident report online, you can call the Records Division at one of the following numbers to obtain assistance with finding your report: (704) 841-6701, (704) 841-6702, or (704) 841-6710. It would help to have any of the information listed above available upon calling to guarantee a speedy search.

Free Consultation and Accident Report

With over 25 years of legal experience, the attorneys at Auger & Auger can review your accident report during your free phone consultation, and make a determination as to whether we can help assist you. This is especially convenient if you do not wish to try and track down the report yourself, as you or a loved one may still be recovering from the trauma of a wreck. Our Matthews car accident attorneys can pull your accident report using the above criteria quickly and effortlessly. If you have been injured in a car accident, call Auger & Auger today or contact us online to see if you are able to recover for your injuries.

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