North Carolina Aviation Accident Lawyer

When an accident in an airplane or helicopter occurs, the outcome is often devastating. The plane and aviation accident lawyers at Auger & Auger have the knowledge and experience to fight on your behalf to ensure that the at fault parties are held responsible.Crashed small airplane

From mechanical failures to pilot error, fliers are susceptible to scores of dangers, such as the following:

  • Engine Malfunction
  • Gas leaks
  • GPS failure
  • Air Traffic Control Negligence
  • Electrical System failure
  • FAA Regulation Violation
  • Pilot Error

The largest airport in the Carolinas, the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport has 138 non-stop destinations, helicopter chartering, and has serviced over 38 million travelers. We operate in an environment teeming with the possibilities of aircraft crashes, and are skilled to deal with any and all outcomes of such disasters.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for an Aviation Accident?

Aviation law is incredibly complex, as it requires knowledge of state by state laws as well as national and international laws, depending on where the airplane departed and landed. It also requires technical knowledge of how airplanes work and knowledge of the aeronautical forces acting on a plane that could affect certain parts of a plane.

Maintenance on PlaneGenerally, following a crash, months of preliminary hearings and investigations by the government determine who or what was a t fault, be them a professional pilot, equipment manufacturer, or airline as a whole.

Without years of legal experience and in depth technical knowledge of aeronautical physics, you are incredibly susceptible to large companies which have many lawyers whose sole job is to make sure that they don’t pay a dime for any injury, suffering, or death that has affected you or a loved one

Why You Need Auger & Auger

At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, we combine our extensive legal knowledge of local, national, and international law and the technical experience of contracted professionals to aid you in pursuing the justice and compensation that you deserve. Our team of lawyers and professional engineering and science contractors are an invaluable tool in engaging in litigation against large airlines and manufacturing companies. We are a large enough firm that you will have multiple lawyers working on your case, but small enough that your case will be personally managed and investigated by partner and lead trial attorney Herbert Auger.  Attorney Auger is licensed in four states and federal court and has access to top rate experts to help prove your case.

At Auger & Auger, our job is to seek answers for families and bring them the justice that they deserve. We will find any and all sources that caused the plane crash and will battle tooth and nail to get you the compensation for medical, wrongful death, and/or damage to property that you deserve.