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Dog Shot After Attacking 2 Year Old

The mother of a 2 year old girl shot a pit bull after it bit the child in the face, and then turned on the girl’s father.

The little girl is now extensively scarred on the left side of her face, and might need to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.

The mother, Tasheka Beatty, who had been minding the dog for a friend, was charged with animal cruelty. Ms. Beatty took full responsibility for her actions and stated, “I just think that’s what any other parent would do if they saw what I saw.” As a parent, I am inclined to agree with Ms. Beatty’s feelings.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) offers the following advice to avoid a dog bite:
-Never disturb a dog that is with puppies, sleeping, or eating
-Do not leave dog alone with small child or baby
-Be aware of potentially threatening situations
-Teach children not to approach strange dogs, and ask the owner for permission before approaching dog to pet it
-Stand still if approached by dog wanting to sniff you
-If approached by frightening dog, speak calmly without looking dog in the eye; stand still or back up slowly until the dog leaves; do not turn your back or run away
-If attacked, curl into a ball, protecting you head, neck and face with your hands

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