10 Motorcycle Myths and Misconceptions

Author: Auger Law | April 29th, 2015

bike racer helmets and myths about bike riding safetyWhat do you know about riding a motorcycle? What you believe to be true and what is actual fact may surprise you. There is no shortage of myth and misconception surrounding motorcycles, their riders, and their operation. Here are 10 safety myths that you may have bought stock in.

The louder your pipes, the safer you are. According to research, your loud pipes make no difference when it comes to your level of safety. In fact, bikes with modified exhaust systems are involved in more crashes than those without. If you want to be loud, be loud visually with bright helmets and light-colored clothing.

Helmets break necks. It makes sense, in theory, that the heavier your head, the more likely you are to break your neck in an accident. People who wear helmets suffer fewer neck injuries than those who do not because the helmet absorbs force.

Helmets hinder vision and hearing. Wearing a properly-designed, correctly-fitting helmet does not impeded your sense of hearing or vision. There is really nothing else to say.

Helmets do not help in the majority of collisions. Most impacts happen at low speeds. Most helmets are tested at impacts occurring at low speeds. This does not mean, however, that a high-speed impact will cause your helmet to fail. You are more likely to survive a crash wearing a helmet. Period.

You can handle any situation given enough skill. It stands to reason that the more experienced you are, the more likely you are to be able to handle anything the road throws at you. Do not rely on your skill and experience. Doing so can make you behave recklessly on your bike.

Laying it down is safer. You are far better to brake and collide with a vehicle at low speeds than you are to lay it down. When you collide, you may be thrown over the vehicle or even backwards into the air. When you lay it down, you either come to a full and very rapid stop against the vehicle or you become wedged tightly under it.

One drink is okay. No. It’s not.

Streets are safer than the highway. In all actuality, highways are safer than streets as all the traffic is traveling in the same direction at a similar speed. You are better off to take the highway when given the option.

Anti-lock brakes are dangerous. Just the opposite. ABS systems can help you in a panic-braking situation more than you think. You are less likely to lock up your bike when you choose one with an ABS system.

Other drivers don’t care about you. Yes they do. Many do not think about motorcyclists simply because they do not know anyone. Do not assume, however, that this ignorance equates a lack of care or concern.

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