Avoid These Common Halloween Injuries

Author: Auger Law | October 19th, 2017

kids dressed up for halloweenAre you afraid of Halloween? If you’re an adult, the chances are that you are actually looking forward to being scared. Halloween is the perfect holiday for harmless frights. The unfortunate truth is that not all frights are as harmless as you may believe. Some can be downright terrifying.

While many parents believe that the worst they have to fear is candy that has been tampered with, there are risks that are more substantial. Knowing what to look out for this Halloween can help keep you and your little ones safe. Here are some fears that are worth having this holiday and how you can avoid tragedy.

1. Slips and Falls

A slip and fall accident can happen at any time and for any reason. On Halloween night, the most common causes for slips and falls are too-long costumes and masks that inhibit vision. If your little one is dressing up and heading out for some candy, make sure that their costumes are short enough to not be tripped over. Face paint is always a safer option when compared to a mask.

2. Vehicles

You may have given your child lessons on looking both ways before they cross the street, but reiterate those lessons before trick-or-treating commences. Remind your little one that they should stay on the sidewalk at all times and should never cross the street on their own. Teach your child to look both ways before they cross and to never dart out from in between parked cars or other hazards.

3. Pumpkins

If you and your family will enjoy turning pumpkins into works of art, do so without a kitchen knife. When your hands are covered in pumpkin guts, they will be slippery. This can cause a knife to slip dangerously out of your grip and the blade to slice your fingers. There are special tools on the market that allow you to safely carve pumpkins. Alternatively, you can paint them or decorate them with paper and fabric.

4. Pets

Keep an eye on your pets during Halloween. They are often forgotten about during the rush of the holiday evening. If your pet is likely to be frightened by loud noises or by costumes worn by tiny humans, put them in a back room or in their crate. When your kids come in with the big candy haul, put the candy up and out of reach of snooping paws. Your dogs will be the better for it.

Halloween doesn’t have to be risky for you or your little ones. Use the tips above to stay safe. If you are ever involved in a car accident in Charlotte or elsewhere in North Carolina, reach out to our experienced team of personal injury attorneys for assistance. We may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation and let us tell you more about your legal options.

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