Be a Responsible Boater

Author: Auger Law | October 9th, 2015

boats keeping ecosystem safePeople are not the only ones who can get hurt while boating. While some stop to consider wildlife and the environment, others do not. Part of being a responsible boater includes being knowledgeable about the environment or area you will be boating in. Use these tips to do your part to keep local ecosystems safe.

Sensitive Areas

Do you know the sensitive areas in your favorite boating locales? A sensitive area is one that can cause damage to your boat or one that you can damage by choosing to move your vessel through it.

Environmental experts suggest to always depart from a boating ramp. Backing your vehicle onto a riverbank or shore area leads to erosion of the land. This can permanently damage the area, not to mention the possible damage to your boat and vehicle if you misjudge the depth of the water or your launching abilities.

Do not boat in any area that is less than 2 ½ feet deep. You run the risk of ruining the bed of the lake or river, and you stand a good chance of running aground. Stick to waterways that are not labeled as paleontological, historical, or archeological sites. Not only is it a poor decision for the environment, it may also be illegal.

Know the breeding seasons in your local area. Avoid disturbing wildlife with your boat during breeding and nesting seasons. Take your vessel somewhere else or wait a few weeks to get out on the water.

Spill Safety

Accidents happen and things spill. Trash gets left behind, and debris gets blown into the water. Water pollution is a big problem in our nation, and it is up to every boater to do their part in keeping waterways clean and healthy.

Be prepared with a spill kit. Your kit should have booms, socks and absorbent pads. When adding fuel to your boat, take all the precautions you can to not spill fuel into the water. Use a bib to catch any drips and prevent backsplashes.

Whatever goes out on your boat should come back in with you. Do not leave trash behind. Always keep a few plastic shopping bags or garbage bags on your boat to tuck trash in. Don’t forget about the litter you see that has been left behind by others. Go ahead and pick it up.

Erosion and environmental damage is not only dangerous for the ecosystem, it is dangerous for boaters. Do your part to keep local waterways safe and unpolluted. That way, everyone can enjoy their time on the water.

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