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Loss of Control at Krispy Kreme

download (44) A driver lost control of his car in a drive up lane of a Krispy Kreme Donut Shop in Charlotte on Friday night.

Officials say that the accident happened at the Krispy Kreme store located on Sharon Amity Road at approximately 8:00 p.m. No one was injured in the accident. The car’s air bags did deploy during the crash.

No matter what kind of accident you are involved in, there are always questions about who is liable for causing the accidents and any damages that result. Many times it just is not a clear cut case of who ultimately is at fault. That is why we have a legal system in place to help determine who is liable and who has to pay.

With liability accidents, anyone with any legal experience will tell you to not talk to any insurance adjustor or admit any fault when involved in an accident. Instead,   talk to an experienced attorney first. They are on your side and will give you advice on how to handle your specific situation. Their advice can help you avoid pitfalls in a lawsuit.

The attorneys at Auger & Auger are skilled in all areas of accident and personal liability law and they understand what needs to be done in personal injury cases. They can help you obtain the best outcome possible for your accident or liability case. Don’t leave the success of your lawsuit to chance. Call us today.

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