Most Common Traffic Violations

Author: Auger Law | March 24th, 2017

Car stuck in traffic jamWith millions of people driving the country’s roadways everyday, it is easy to see why so many traffic tickets are written. At virtually any time of the day, some driver somewhere is violating a traffic law. When you know the most common moving traffic violations, you know not only what to avoid yourself, but what you can expect from other drivers on the road, helping you to avoid accidents.

1. Speeding

Pay attention to traffic around you, particularly on the highway. If you notice someone traveling faster than the posted speed limit or weaving in and out of traffic, do your best to stay out of the way. Speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents.

2. Running Traffic Signal

People are frequently ticketed for running red lights and stop signs. When you come to an intersection, be sure to look both ways before you move through it, even if you have the right of way. If it appears that a vehicle coming from the other direction is driving too fast to stop, slow your own vehicle to avoid a collision in the intersection.

3. Unsafe Lane Change

Another cause of tickets, particularly on the highway, is unsafe lane change. This can happen when a driver is changing lanes too quickly or doesn’t signal before they move over. Do your best to stay out of driver’s blind spots, and always be sure to use your turn signal if you are the one changing lanes.

4. Following Too Closely

It is tempting to tap your brakes or drive more slowly if someone is driving too closely behind you, but both of these maneuvers can be dangerous. Instead of playing cat and mouse with the tailing driver, get out of the way and let them pass. There is virtually nothing you are going to do that will get the other driver off your tail except for letting them pass.

5. Violating Rules of Railroads

No one likes to be stuck waiting for a train. It seems as though it takes forever, and it almost always happens when you are in a hurry. If the lights are flashing, stop. If the line of cars in front of you is deep and following behind them will cause you to have to stop on the tracks, stay where you are. If you are stuck on the tracks when a train comes along, your vehicle could very well be destroyed.

When you follow the rules of the road, you avoid being ticketed. When you know why people are ticketed most often, you know which behaviors to be on the lookout for when you are driving. When you know what to expect from other drivers, you are better able to avoid an accident.

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