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Myths Surrounding Auto Accident Cases

November 20th, 2017

car accident conceptThere are many myths surrounding car accident injury claims that you should be aware of. Many deal with the amount of settlement or compensation you can expect to receive. Please be weary of anyone that tells you how much your case is worth and what is definitely going to happen in your case – especially if they tell you these things when you first meet with them. Additionally it is important to realize that every case is different so what … Read more

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The Basics of a North Carolina Car Accident

November 17th, 2017

car with impacted side after a car crashIf you live in North Carolina, you may know that it has one of the largest system of highways in the country. If you don’t live in the state, you may not have been aware of that fact. It stands to reason that having such an extensive amount of roadway can be dangerous for drivers. With more people on the road, the chances of being involved in a collision are heightened.

There are important legal aspects to consider if you’ve … Read more

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Feeling Tricked by the Adjuster? You Aren’t Alone

November 15th, 2017

damaged front end of a car after an accidentAfter an accident, you will be dealing with many things and multiple people. One of those people will probably be an insurance adjuster, and you could very well come away from the meeting feeling as though you have been taken. You wouldn’t be the first.

Insurance companies don’t stay in business by paying out the maximum settlement for every claim they receive. While you may come across a friendly, helpful adjuster, chances are more likely that you will deal with Read more

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Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

November 13th, 2017

young man asleep behind the wheel. drowsy driving conceptIf you decide to drive while you are drowsy, you are asking for trouble. Not only does operating a vehicle while fatigued put the driver at risk, but it is also dangerous for everyone else on the road. Other drivers, pedestrians and even property owners can be affected by someone’s choice to drive when they shouldn’t.

If you are injured in an accident caused by a fatigued driver, you may have a valid personal injury case against the at-fault … Read more

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Keeping Kids Safe – Halloween Reminders for Next Year

November 10th, 2017

It is never too early to start planning for next year!  With so many people celebrating this past Halloween , we thought we would take a moment to highlight some issues that we usually see after Halloween with hopes of preventing injuries in the future.  Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for children. With all of the anticipation leading up to the big day, children can easily forget all that you’ve taught them about staying safe. While the … Read more

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Dangers of Autumn Driving

November 9th, 2017

The weather can change in a moment’s notice any time of year, but especially in the fall. A sunny morning can turn into a rainy and freezing afternoon. Now that we are nearing winter, our days are getting shorter which means dark is upon us sooner. You may very well find yourself going to work before the sun comes up and coming home after it goes down.

Because the weather in the fall can be unpredictable, it brings with it … Read more

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Potential Insurance Tactics to Minimize the Value of Your Claim

November 8th, 2017

couple looking at paperwork with attorney or insurance representativeWhen you are in a car accident, you are understandably upset. You may achieve some level of comfort when you realize that an insurance company may be able to compensate you for your damages. In some instances, insurance companies aren’t willing to do that. Some companies will use every trick in the book to reduce the amount that they compensate you and some may try to avoid giving you any compensation at all. Here are 10 things to look out … Read more

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Car Accidents Commonly Occur Close to Your Home

November 7th, 2017

People say that home is where the heart is. Unfortunately, it is also where most vehicle collisions occur.  According to a survey conducted by Progressive Insurance, 52 percent of all traffic accidents happen within 5 miles of home or less. 77 percent of accidents occur within 15 miles or less. The study also unveiled some other interesting facts:

  • You are twice as likely to be involved in an accident one mile from your home as you are 20 miles
Read more
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Lessons from National Teen Driver Safety Week

November 3rd, 2017

young teenager learning to drive from his dadAre you looking for talking points to start a conversation with your teenage driver? Last week was National Teen Driver Safety Week, and there are some great ideas out there. It doesn’t take a special week to give you an excuse to speak with your child about driving responsibly, and if you haven’t had the talk yet, now is a great time.

You may be under the impression, like so many others, that scaring your teen straight is the best … Read more

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Avoiding Cold Weather Work Hazards

November 1st, 2017

man shoveling snow on sidewalkIt’s always a good time to remind yourself of safe habits before you need them. This includes winter workplace safety tips. Before the cold weather sets in, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and, if you are a business owner, protect your employees. Read on for the most common winter weather dangers in the workplace, and how to prevent many of the accidents that could result.

1. Slips and Falls

Slips and falls during the cold weather can … Read more

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