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A Quick Bicycle Helmet Refresher

bicycle rider need of helmetYou know that your child is required to wear a helmet while riding their bicycle. You may even wear a helmet yourself when you are out on your two wheels. Knowing what you should be doing, and even doing it, does not mean that it is being done correctly. Brush up on your knowledge with the following helmet how-to.

Proper Fit

Never go to the store and buy the first helmet that you see. Even if your little one is begging for the purple helmet with sparkles, it may not be the best choice. A helmet should fit snugly on the head without being too large or too small. Always have your child try on several helmets to find the right size.

Proper Wear

It is not enough to find a helmet that fits correctly if your child is going to wear it haphazardly. A helmet should be placed on the head so that the front covers the majority of the forehead. The helmet should never be tipped back or forward. Secure all of the straps and adjust them so that the helmet does not twist around on the head.

After a Crash

The typical bike helmet has one good crash in it. If your child falls off of their bicycle and hits their head, be happy that the helmet did its job and throw it away. Every time the helmet strikes the ground, its effectiveness is reduced. After your child crashes, get a new helmet.

Decorate It

It isn’t unusual for children to fight wearing a helmet because it is uncool. Decorating the helmet won’t detract from its protective capabilities. Get out the paints, stickers and glitter, and let your child decorate the helmet in any way they wish. When the helmet has a “cool” factor, your child is more likely to wear it.

Get Help

If you are unsure what size helmet to buy your child, don’t shop at the neighborhood big box store. Visit a bike store instead. The employees there are trained in helping you find the perfect helmet for your little one. They can even help you fit a helmet to your own head.

Wearing a helmet is not enough. Any helmet on your head should fit properly. Use the tips above to find the perfect head gear for your little one.

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