Rottweilers Attack Child in Newton

Author: Auger Law | February 25th, 2015

RottweilersNEWTON, N.C. – When you send your child to the home of a friend, you expect that your child will be kept safe. It is a reasonable expectation that any parent would have. Unfortunately, that is not how things turned out Sunday afternoon for a Newton mother.

According to WSOC, a 6-year-old boy was attacked by two Rottweilers at the home of a Catawba County woman. The woman, a friend of the boy’s mother, was watching the boy when the unthinkable happened.

The two dogs attacked the young child in the backyard of the home. Both dogs were seized by officers and taken to the Catawba County Animal Shelter where they will be kept under quarantine. The future fate of the dogs is not known at this time.

Most Dangerous Breeds
While pit bulls tend to have the worst reputation when it comes to dog bites, it is important to remember that any dog can and will bite if provoked, knowingly or not. According to the latest statistics, there are the 10 breeds of dog that are responsible for the highest number of bites or attacks on humans.

Pit bull
There are just over 2,500 registered pit bulls in the United States. Statistics tell us that 661 children have been bitten, 519 adults have been bitten, there have been 819 maimings, and 159 deaths caused by this breed.

Chow chow
There are more than 1,500 registered chows in the country. There have been 35 children bitten, 14 adults bitten, 34 maimings, and 7 deaths caused by the breed.

Rotties are a popular breed in the United States with over 14,000 legally registered. There have been 257 children and 115 adults bitten by these dogs that have caused 244 maimings and 67 deaths.

Akitas live in more than 2,000 households in this country. 34 children and 14 adults have been bitten by this breed. 41 people have been maimed and one person has died.

This breed is typically good-natured and pleasant to be around. That said, there have been 17 children and 20 adults bitten by one of the more than 3,700 registered Bullmastiffs in the country. 26 people have been maimed and 8 people have died.

It is important to remember that any dog can go on the attack. Even the best-natured dogs can bite. Dogs and children should never be left alone without the supervision of an adult.

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