How to Tell If You are an Aggressive Driver

Author: Auger Law | December 30th, 2015

Road rage. It is something that no one wants to deal with, but many people jokingly say they have. The scary fact is that there are angry drivers out there on the road just waiting for the next annoyance to set them off. If you are an angry or aggressive driver, it’s time to get your emotions and driving habits in check. Here are just some characteristics of the aggressive driver.

  1. You Are Quick to Anger

Do you frequently find yourself getting angry at other drivers? It’s normal to get irritated with a driver who slams on their brakes, doesn’t use turn signals or is even driving so slowly that they are holding up traffic. It is not normal to get so angry that you are cursing and making dangerous maneuvers with your vehicle.

  1. You are Impatient

Let’s say that you have left in plenty of time to get where you need to go, and you get stuck in a traffic jam. How do you react? Most people first respond with a bit of interest. They want to know what is holding things up. That interest can turn to annoyance when traffic doesn’t start moving. The aggressive driver lays on the horn, shouts out the window and maybe even tries to shift lanes of traffic. If you cannot maintain patience when you are held up, even when you stand no chance of being late, you need to ask yourself why.

  1. Passengers Worry

We all have that one friend or relative that is a nervous passenger. Let’s forget about that person for a moment. We want to talk about your “typical” passenger. The one that talks or stares out the window while you drive without a care in the world. If this passenger is telling you to slow down or calm down, you may be driving too aggressively.

  1. Bad Driving Habits

You brake check those that get too close to your rear end. You slow down to under the speed limit when people ride your bumper. You pass slow drivers and make gestures through your window. You drive too closely to the person in front of you. All of these poor driving habits are signs of people who can be considered aggressive drivers.

If any of these things sound like a reflection of you, it’s time to consider the risky way you’ve been driving. Aggressive drivers put themselves and others on the road in danger.

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