Was a Third Party Involved?

Author: Auger Law | November 4th, 2013

Accident cases can be very difficult to rule on. When there are few witnesses, the police and investigators have to lean on their experience to determine who was at fault and if anyone needs to be arrested. Sometimes police seek out “persons of interest” for further questioning to get clues about what exactly happened.

Police in Charlotte are currently seeking information about a man who was seen in the area of a car crash that claimed the life of woman. Noelle Dixon, 22, died of her injures in that crash at Carolinas Medical Center. The accident happened on North Tryon Street near I-485. She was driving northbound then slid across the median and into the southbound lanes, causing a head-on collision with an SUV. Both vehicles then went off the road. The SUV driver only suffered minor injuries.

According to the article, police have not said why they want to speak to the man in the photo, but one possible reason is that Dixon may have swerved to avoid hitting him, causing the accident. It remains to be seen if this person will be found and what the actual reason is. If you do know the man, please go visit the news article and contact the police at the numbers listed there.

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