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When a Myrtle Beach auto accident has occurred, the investigating officer will bring in necessary first responders, help to set up a safety zone, and gather statements of involved parties and witnesses. At your first opportunity, a free consultation with our auto accident attorney will provide assurance that your rights (and those of your loved ones) are protected.

South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety Fact Book of accident statistics indicates that Horry County had more than its fair share in 2017. Unfortunately, the county experienced 3,178 injury collisions with 4,794 injured parties and 64 fatalities. It’s important that we all reflect on how many of these might have been avoided with increased driver focus.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, and Both Hands on the Wheel

Auto accidents are (by definition) never deliberate unless an at-fault driver is purposely targeting someone. It is driver distraction or impairment (by prescribed or illicit drugs or alcohol) that account for the majority of collisions. Although the limelight shines primarily on hand-held cell phone use while driving, there are many other negligent acts which can impact road safety.   


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Of course, your eyes should be focused on the road at all times, but your hands truly need to stay on the wheel — not drinking coffee or munching on snacks, not adjusting makeup or petting the dog, not reaching for something you’ve dropped on the floor. Disaster can happen in a matter of seconds. When 100% of your attention is on driving, you have the opportunity to avoid someone else’s loss of control or your own.

Disaster can happen in a matter of seconds. When 100% of your attention is on driving, you have the opportunity to avoid someone else’s loss of control or your own.

What Should Happen after a Myrtle Beach Auto Accident?

An immediate call to 9-1-1 should be placed by someone present, to make certain help arrives. The investigating officer will likely arrive first, and determine which other first responders are required. Documentation will be taken by the officer, which will later become important evidence as an official Myrtle Beach Police Report.  

Witnesses not personally involved in the crash are required to remain on the scene until help arrives. Not only might their statement of the events become essential evidence, but their departure could be considered failure to render aid. Take note of the license plate of anyone who refuses to wait for the 9-1-1 response.  

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries from a Myrtle Beach auto accident, it is critical to be examined by a medical professional at the scene or in an emergency room. If open wounds or broken bones are not immediately apparent (physical injuries will often become more evident in the following days) then your having x-rays or other lab tests is highly recommended in order to equate them with the accident.  

Do notify your insurance carrier but do not go into details with them; especially by inferring blame or claiming fault. Instead, you want to have this discussion with a Myrtle Beach accident and injury lawyer — someone who considers your rights their first concern. Be sure to read Auger & Auger’s free eBook“9 Things Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know about Your Car Accident Claim.”  

Free Consultation From Our Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorneys

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After contacting us you may simply refer all parties directly to Auger & Auger, allowing you to focus on your family and the healing that needs to take place. Another important way we devote ourselves to relieving pressure on our clients is with the A&A Zero Fee Guarantee™ — our promise fees will only be collected from a settlement that we win.