Myrtle Beach Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are busy places and with each worker assigned individual tasks, accidents can happen in an instant. The slip of a finger, a trip, and fall live electrical contact, equipment failure (and an endless list of possible incidents) could change your life. Luckily, people ‘in the trades’ are usually close-knit and will step in and help alert supervisors for medical attention. Witnesses are generally available, and OSHA guidelines are in place.

What you may not know is that having a workers compensation policy does not ensure the general contractor, or his subcontractors, cannot be pursued for loss of income and extended injury care. When injuries occur, our Myrtle Beach construction accident attorney wants you to be aware that workers compensation is only one step in the process for your recovery from injuries and compensation for job loss.

The Building Blocks of Workers Compensation

All South Carolina building contractors are mandated to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees. Commercial builds can last for six months or even a year, with very low odds that no accidents will take place. While the implication of this coverage is to give a worker some assurance of protection from losing their job and physical abilities, its use is based upon keeping the contractors in the business.

In this regard, the builder may attempt to influence the report you submit to the state and will have you seen by a doctor chosen by the company for any incidents not hospital-bound. Many claims presented are denied, with injured workers left in the dark for solutions.

When you sustain an injury while on-the-job, always contact your supervisor and make certain there is a record of the accident. Do not downplay the incident, and always seek medical attention — as a perceivably minor injury can take on serious complications a day or two later.

Why You Need Someone in YOUR Corner  

As our Myrtle Beach construction accident attorney can confirm — your access to workers compensation for medical compensation and lost income is far beyond certainty. Moving through the system without your own advocate can put you at a clear disadvantage.

Auger & Auger will assist you in filing your initial claim by:

  1. notifying your employer of the injuries you have sustained;
  2. proving the magnitude of damages resulting from your on-the-job injury; and
  3. fighting for the compensation you deserve for all sustained losses

Auger & Auger is experienced with and prepared to fight your unjust denial. Denials are commonplace in workers compensation claims, in fact, those approved vs. denied in South Carolina are nearly an exact match.

Auger & Auger will pursue a 3rd-party lawsuit for you against the contractor or subcontractors in civil court when workers compensation benefits are short-circuited, or less than what is warranted by your loss. There are many possibilities for cause, and we promise to get to the bottom of what has happened in your case.

Vendors, manufacturers, general contractors, and their subcontractors may have liability — which can range from negligence, non-adherence to safety guidelines, errors in job performance to equipment malfunction, lack of supervision, inadequate instructions.      

The State of New Construction in Myrtle Beach SC

With growth exploding in the area, and construction accidents at the forefront of job injuries — we wanted to take a closer look at what trade workers are facing.                                                    

For a city with a total area of only 23.6 square miles, Myrtle Beach has continued to grow by nearly 1,000 new residents annually since the 2010 census charted a population of 27,184. As Myrtle Beach is positioned at the heart of the Grand Strand — a 60 mile stretch of continuous beaches — the high seasons of summer and winter can bring 15-20k visitors to its shores.

The notion that construction is a bustling industry in Myrtle Beach SC would seem to follow — and it does. Building permits were issued by the city for 600 new single-family homes in 2018, along with 51 commercial buildings. Inventory for residential resale is at a 4% decrease, while readily available newly-constructed home sales have increased by 7% since 2016.

Another contribution to the influx of new Myrtle Beach residents and its pressure on the construction industry is the census-designated Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Area (MSA). This region encompasses Myrtle Beach plus its popular neighbors of Conway and North Myrtle Beach (in Horry County), Georgetown County, SC, as well as Brunswick County in North Carolina. The MSA had a combined population of 329,000 in the 2010 census, with estimates for 2020 expected to soar well over 500,000.

Auger & Auger Means Business

As a family-owned-and-operated law firm, Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers understand the impact on loved ones after a primary wage earner has been injured beyond their ability to work. Whether it is for a short time recovery, permanent disability, or tragic fatality, we have the compassion and the commitment to see it through for you. Our A&A Zero Fee Guarantee™ assures that you will not be charged a fee until we win your case.

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