Myrtle Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

It’s a fact — the pets we love so dearly are capable of attacking someone if their animal instincts kick in. They all have them, and just because most breeds are considered ‘domesticated’ does not negate the veracity of a dog’s instinctive reflexes.

We know certain breeds are more aggressive than others — and that some lock on and don’t let go. It is an owner’s responsibility to observe their dog’s behavior and take steps to control or train it accordingly. That said, there is no breed that will not fight back if provoked, or in the process of defending their human.


You can rely on an Auger & Auger Myrtle Beach dog bite attorney to build your case effectively. Our free consultation and thorough investigation may involve a variety of factors, such as whether the attack involved owner negligence or intimidation. 

Victim of a Dog Attack? Now What?

Call 9-1-1 to receive the medical attention required. Do not assume you are okay, without having an initial examination. Many times injuries take a day or two before they become apparent, which can make it difficult to go back and attribute them to the incident.

Take photographs of your injuries as well as the location of the attack. Report the incident to the Myrtle Beach Animal Control office.

Obtain the name and address of the dog owner and any witnesses. Obtain a copy of the rabies certificate or location of the veterinarian who provided the inoculation. 

Ask for the name of the dog owner’s homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance carrier. If the company contacts you, do not make statements of cause or fault — merely ask for the claim number, and name of insured, along with the adjuster’s name, address, and phone number. Be aware that insurance adjusters may demonstrate bad faith while processing a claim by taking actions to evade settlement. 

Call our Myrtle Beach dog bite attorney at 866-932-0252 ASAP and let us step in and handle all the details for you. We will make certain your rights are being protected and that all possible efforts are made on your behalf 

Dog Bite Liabilities in Myrtle Beach, SC

Many states have a ‘one bite law’ which gives the first bite a one-time pass — assuming the owner had no knowledge the animal would attack anyone. Conversely, South Carolina law provides statutory strict liability for all dog attacks on public property or lawfully on private property; i.e. the owner is consequently legally liable to their dog’s victim. 

Listed below are a couple of exceptions which are further detailed in Section 47-3-110 of the SC Code of Law:

  • if provocation or harassment of the dog was the proximate cause of the attack; or
  • the dog was working with a government agency in a law enforcement capacity

Currently in the South Carolina House is a new Bill (H.3709) introduced on 1/22/19, which is still under review. Created with the intention of reducing dog bite fatalities, H.3709 is based upon a) the pit bull dog being the ‘most desired breed for dogfighting, and is dying at a higher rate than any others in SC animal shelters; b) the fact that fertile dogs are more likely to be territorial; c) and, that most dog bite fatalities are committed by unaltered dogs. 

If approved, this Act would stipulate that pit bulls must be sterilized and microchipped in order to be owned or cared for in this state. Fertile pit bulls will require a $500.00 registration with the governmental animal control agency. Any violators would be guilty of a misdemeanor and incur a $1,000 fine or one-year imprisonment, or both. 

How to Avoid Dog Bites: 1-0-1 

First, take into consideration that dogs live by instinct and reflex, and they are always at attention — whether stretched out on the couch or taking a walk in the park with their owner. They watch your eyes and read your body language, and they are fully aware of their owner’s proximity at all times.

Never approach a dog without the owner’s permission. Let them smell your hand and pet them from under the chin; do not raise your hand over their head. Steer clear of an unfamiliar dog that is sleeping, eating, injured, unleashed or unaccompanied by their caretaker.

If the dog stares at you, perks their ears up or back, crouches or leans forward, bares their teeth, barks or growls at you:

  • Do not turn your back or run away
  • Do not make direct eye contact
  • Remain calm, do not show panic
  • Turn slowly to your right or left and slowly walk away

Auger & Auger is Here When You Need Us the Most! 

If you or a loved one has suffered an attack by a dog, we know how painful it can be, and we want to shoulder any of the stress you’re having to go through with paperwork and phone calls. First, our Myrtle Beach dog bite attorney will need to identify the dog and the responsible parties to authenticate the evidence required to back up your claim.

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