Myrtle Beach Childcare Accident Lawyer

Despite the fact that childcare facilities in the U.S. must be licensed (and are held to substantial legal guidelines) the continued occurrences of injury, fatality and children-gone-missing take place every year. If your child has suffered an incident of abuse or serious injury in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers has a childcare accident attorney ready to step in and help.

Childcare Facility Operators Know Their Worth

The first U.S. childcare centers demonstrated their value during World War II when wives of enlisted men replaced their husbands in the workplace. The services later ceased their operations but became popular again in the ‘50s and ‘60s as more women sought careers.

There is no doubt that caregivers at childcare centers (or home-based programs) bridge an important gap of capability for single moms and low-income families to support themselves. And, quality early-age care can significantly impact a child’s comfort zone and future success.


Daycare centers are intended to be much more than babysitters — their function is to provide a safe and viable structure for mental, social and psychological development. These caregivers can play an important part in your youngster’s early childhood education.   

Unfortunately, there are areas of concern for parents aside from the high cost of care and not being personally present during 6-9 hours of their child’s day.

What’s Working Against Childcare Centers?

Since 2001 more than one-half of U.S. children attend childcare facilities…and the number keeps growing as more single parents enter the workforce. Though the caregiver ratio to children at a given center may rise, the reality is that shared spaces don’t usually have the option of being enlarged.

Illness transmission is a common occurrence in daycare centers as well as preschools. It’s not unusual for them to be the first place your child experiences a bad cough or the flu because of the heightened exposure. Even though your home may be illness-free, the outside contact of your child with others is an easy route for contagious medical conditions.

Early onset of emotional difficulties may appear as children are introduced to an environment where they must mingle and merge with so many new faces. While misbehavior might be stopped in its tracks by a parent — rules and restrictions from caregivers can be misconstrued as punishment and subjective disapproval.

Crowded spaces and excess noise can be a problem for kids with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Statistics tell us these children tend to react compulsively to events they can’t control — a primary factor in suicides of children 5-11 years of age. In 2017 a total of 59 deaths by suicide for this age group were documented in the United States.

Know Your Myrtle Beach Childcare Laws   

As a parent dependent upon childcare facility services, your awareness of South Carolina childcare operator law is essential to recognizing violations which may pose hazards to your child or others. Maybe your expectations are too high, or too low; either way, understanding what is mandatory helps you to draw a line in the sand.

Children from infancy to 12 years of age are typically allowed to attend childcare centers, however, those designated with special needs may also qualify (up to the age of 18). The Internal Revenue Service considers nursery school, preschool and pre-kindergarten, and summer camp to be childcare as well.

South Carolina Code of Law, Chapter 13 of Title 63 establishes the regulations and limitations of the childcare industry throughout the state. Oversight is conducted by the Department of Social Services, as outlined in the SCDSS Chapter 114 Childcare Licensing Regulations. Contact Horry County DSS if you observe an incident of intimidation or negligence at a daycare operation, which will be investigated by OHAN (Out of Home Abuse and Neglect).

Our Family-Owned Law Firm is Here for You

The prevention of Myrtle Beach childcare accidents is certainly the basis for the very strict guidelines set by South Carolina for childcare centers. Still, accidents happen all the time, and the nature of abuse crosses all boundaries. If your child has experienced severe trauma, injuries, physical abuse, or has gone missing from the facility — we are ready to step right in and advocate on your behalf.

From the very first consultation, Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers wants you to know that you have our full attention — and that we are committed to pursuing your case as far as it takes. Our A&A Zero Fee Guarantee™  will also take the pressure off your family — with no legal fees due until settlement.   

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