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In 2018, the U.S. total of ATV-involved fatalities increased by16.3%, from 300 to 349. Over the past several decades, the highest number of deaths has generally occurred within the 20-29-year-old range. The 2nd highest group of these fatal ATV accidents has been children of 15 years and younger — and tragically, in 2017, their percentage of nation-wide ATV deaths (17.5%) surpassed even the 20’s age bracket figure of 16.9%.

ATVs Were Always Intended for Off-Road Use

In 1965 the first ATVs were mass produced by the Jiger Corporation of Toronto as amphibious vehicles for navigating over open lands with waterways. After building 3,337 “Jigers” the company was forced to close in 1968 — unable to keep up with the demand. Certainly a harbinger of things to come.

Nearly five decades of ATV production has only increased their popularity. Unfortunately, along with routine acceptance comes a false sense of security. ATV owners are taking more chances and pushing harder for tighter restrictions.

Don’t Hope for a Miracle  Keep ATVs Off Roads

This public service announcement (PSA) was created by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission in the summer of 2018:

What is South Carolina’s Position on ATV Use?

According to South Carolina Code of Law SECTION 50-26-20, an ATV is defined as a motorized vehicle purposefully designed for off-road travel, and having 3 or more wheels and handlebars for steering; and that this description specifically does not include lawn tractors or children’s toys. No ATVs are legal after dark.

Helmets and eye protection are required for 6-15-year-olds, and they must have a certificate on hand to demonstrate their completion of a hands-on ATV safety course. Children aged 5 or less are not allowed to operate ATVs under any circumstances.

Remarkably, the original 1976 statute had to be amended to in 2011 to “Chandler’s Law” in order to force parents to restrict their children’s use of ATVs. The tragic death of teenager Chandler Saylor from an ATV crash during a friend’s birthday party in 2003 prompted an 8-year battle for change. With Chandler’s parents working alongside the general assembly, the amendment finally revised South Carolina’s ATV rules to include child safety.  

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