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Myrtle Beach Boating Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries from a Myrtle Beach boating accident, Auger & Auger Attorneys at Law are here to help. All watercraft accidents create significant dilemmas — including staying afloat, securing emergency assistance, and safely making your way to land for medical attention. Our boating accident lawyer contributes by investigating the scene and addressing the tough questions that determine cause and fault; making certain the most effective legal route is taken to protect your interests.  

With over 20 million tourists flocking to this city at the heart of the Grand Strand, your summer and winter watercraft activities can take a dangerous turn. Accountability for your actions (and respect for others sharing the water with you) goes a long way toward safe enjoyment for all concerned. Always keep safety precautions in mind as distraction and non-adherence are usually the premises of boating accidents.

Safety Measures to Keep In Mind


Let friends and family know the location of your plans for all water activities and carry a cell phone if you can. Even if there isn’t any service your cell phone may still provide first responders with an important health history.

If a storm approaches, head into the wind; do not steer (or swim) against the current. Have passengers stay low in the boat and put on their PFDs (personal flotation devices).

Don’t attempt risky maneuvers or make turns when other boats or recreational watercraft are nearby. Judging their speed and ability to avoid you is not a wise move.

If your watercraft capsizes outside of easy range to swim to shore, stay with it for ready flotation and easier spotting by emergency responders.

Cold water boaters should travel with inflatable devices and wear insulated clothing to help protect themselves from potentially fatal ocean temperatures.    

Understanding Boating Laws in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina, or the state from which you are visiting, may vary from those of Myrtle Beach — given the immense popularity of this region. The city even has additional restrictions in place during its most popular tourist timeframe of May 1st through Labor Day. Myrtle Beach Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5 contains rules for the beaches, strand, and the Atlantic Ocean as they fall within the municipality’s jurisdiction. The following sections of Chapter 5 specifically deal with regulations for boating and watercraft regulation:

  • Sec. 5-1 – Definitions; for aquatic activity, essential vessels, operator, parasailing
  • Sec. 5-3 – Beach patrol officers have the authority to recall from the ocean any aquatic activities within 75 feet of a pier, or persons more than 50 yards from the ocean break who pose a danger to themselves or others.
  • Sec. 5-8 – Regulations for sailboat storage on the beach or private property
  • Sec. 5-9 – Watercraft operational restrictions for motor boats, jet-skis, sailboats, sailboards, kite-surfing boards, and like devices
  • Sec. 5-10 – Restrictions for use of kayaks and surfboards  
  • Sec. 5-11 – Launch restrictions for jet skis and motor boats  
  • Sec. 5-12 – Regulations for the operation of parasailing activities  

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