Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach lures tens-of-millions of visitors each year, and thousands of these visitors take to two wheels instead of four. While most of these people will return home without injury, some will be involved in catastrophic motorcycle accidents. Our Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident attorney has seen the way these wrecks have left devastation in their wake.

After you have received medical attention, the next call placed should be made to ensure that your rights are protected. Auger & Auger has been representing personal injury victims of accidents for more than four decades. 

While no piece of equipment is guaranteed to keep you safe, Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers believes it is important to understand just how important helmets are when it comes to protecting riders.

Protecting Your Brain from Traumatic Injury

With the annual events of Spring Bike Rally, Fall Bike Week and Black Bike Week, it is no secret that Myrtle Beach is a popular destination for motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents take place during and outside of Bike Week. Multiple people have been killed and even more injured. It’s clear that these accidents are not unusual and the numbers should serve as a reminder to riders and drivers alike. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

By design, a motorcycle is less stable than a 4-wheeled vehicle. When a motorcycle accident occurs, people are much more likely to be severely injured due to a lack of surrounding protection. The use of a helmet has proven to be 67% effective in protecting riders from brain injuries according to the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  


Helmets have also been shown to be approximately 37% effective in preventing death after a motorcycle wreck. While wearing a helmet is not mandated by law for those over the age of 21 in Myrtle Beach, it’s always best to air on the side of caution and strap one on every time you start your engine and head down the road.

Statistics don’t lie: South Carolina was second only to Mississippi when it came to motorcycle fatalities from 2011 to 2015. Blame is thrown everywhere when it comes to these incidents, but one fact stood clear — close to three-quarters of bikers whose accidents were fatal over the past 10 years were not wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Law in South Carolina

Amazingly, despite the statistics, South Carolina is one of the dozens of states without a law requiring those 21 and over to wear a helmet. 

According to our Code of Laws SECTION 56-5-3660:

  • Any person less than 21 years old must wear a helmet
  • The helmet must have been approved by the Department of Public Safety
  • The helmet must have a neck or chin strap
  • The helmet must be reflective on both sides

In addition, anyone younger than 21 must wear a face shield or goggles. These restrictions do not apply for those 21 years of age or older, and for them wearing a helmet and other protective equipment is a choice.

Auger & Auger Only Represents Victims

Riders involved in motorcycle accidents are largely unprotected. While there are pieces of safety equipment that can help prevent certain serious injuries, protection is far from guaranteed. With or without a helmet, riders who experience injury have the right to seek compensation if their accident is due to the negligence or error of another driver.

When the dust has settled, your first call should be to Auger & Auger. Our Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident and injury attorneys have the experience necessary to vigorously defend your rights. You do not need to be concerned with retainer deposits and fees — as our A&A Zero Fee Guarantee™  stipulates — we do not take payment until your claim is settled.

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