Are You An Aggressive Driver?

Author: Auger Law | July 21st, 2017

Side mirror of a carAggressive driving causes accidents. Ask a driver if they are aggressive, however, and chances are they will tell you no. Drivers in the United States have developed a habit of driving more aggressively than they should, and it has become the norm. Here are some of the maneuvers that these drivers make on a regular basis.

1. Speeding

If anyone has ever complained that you have a lead foot, you may have laughed it off. It may be illegal to speed down an empty stretch of highway, but typical. If, on the other hand, you speed every time you get behind the wheel and don’t slow it down when you hit heavy traffic, you are risking your safety.

2. Tailgating

We have all been behind that driver that travels under the speed limit despite perfect conditions. It’s frustrating. A defensive driver will hang back and give that person room until it is safe to pass. An aggressive driver will get on the person’s bumper thinking it’s going to make them hurry up. An even more aggressive driver will pass that slow driver, cut in front of them closely and then slow down themselves to “teach them a lesson.”

3. Speeding Up at Yellows

What does a yellow light mean? For many drivers, it is an indicator to hit the gas and speed through the light, not giving yourself enough time to stop if it turns red. This can lead you to being cited for running a red light, not to mention causing an accident. A yellow light cautions you that you will be coming to a stop. It actually means to slow down and proceed with caution.

4. Weaving In and Out of Traffic

This is something you have probably seen on the highway. You know the car. It’s the one that changes lanes as soon as there is an opening, believing that they are going to get where they are going faster. Changing lanes frequently is dangerous. Pick a lane and stick to it. If you are traveling the speed limit, there is no reason to get out of your lane.

5. Not Using a Turn Signal

There are popular memes on social media making fun of those that don’t use their turn signal. It’s annoying to most people, but it is also dangerous. A turn signal indicates to the drivers around you that you intend to change direction of travel. Even more dangerous is the driver who doesn’t slow appropriately, instead suddenly reducing their speed and cutting around a corner.

If you recognize yourself in any of these examples, you may be an aggressive driver. The good news is that aggressive driving is something that you have complete control over. The next time you get in your vehicle, simply follow the rules of the road. The more often you do, the more quickly it will become your new habit.

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