Boating Stressors Increase Chances of Accident

Author: Auger Law | April 1st, 2021

Knowing the stressors involved with boating can help keep you safe on the water. Many people mistakenly think that boating is no different than driving. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that it is much different indeed. While driving great distances can encourage fatigue, there are more stressors on a boat than in a car such as:

Sun Glare

The sun bouncing off of the water and into your eyes is tiring. Think of driving into the sun for hours on end with no visor to help you. Anyone driving a boat is encouraged to wear a pair of sunglasses that blocks the sun’s rays from the front and the sides to help reduce glare and fatigue.


You have seen mothers rocking babies to put them to sleep. Imagine what driving a boat all afternoon can do to you. The persistent rocking of a boat can cause you to become drowsy quickly. For some people, this rocking can cause motion sickness, a problem in and of itself.


Feeling a constant vibration under your feet and beneath your hands can make you tired. It is suggested that you stand on a shock-absorbing mat or take frequent breaks from standing still at the helm. Turn the controls over to someone else from time to time if it is safe to do so.


Many people use white noise to fall asleep at night. Falling asleep is not what you want to do when you are piloting a boat, but the consistent humming of the engine can make your eyes heavy. If the noise gets to you, pop in your ear buds and listen to some of your favorite tunes to break up the monotony.

Boating stressors like these put you at an increased for accident. They are natural and cannot be avoided, but they can be lessened with the right equipment and a proper plan. Fatigue is a danger to anyone operating a boat and all those on board.

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