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Common Vacation Injuries to Avoid

May 16th, 2018

how to avoid common vacation injuries and accidents

Tourist season is kicking into full gear. If you are in the Carolinas, chances are you may be heading to the beach for your much deserved vacation. No one ever wants to get sick or hurt; especially on a trip.  Knowing how to avoid common vacation injuries and accidents can help ensure that you and your family have a wonderful time from beginning to end. Keep you and your family safe and happy by protecting yourselves from the most common Read more

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Top Golf Cart Safety Tips

April 17th, 2018

Golf Cart Safety Tips header

The warmer weather is upon us, meaning people, if they haven’t already, will be dusting off their golf carts and hitting the links.  Depending on where you live and where you are driving, golf carts may be able to lawfully driven on city streets, so expect to see more this time of year.

While most people consider golf carts to be relatively safe, it’s important to remember that they are still vehicles and that accidents do happen. You can have Read more

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Golf Cart Incident Leads to Child Abuse Arrest

June 3rd, 2016

Golf cartImagine finally being able to take a dream vacation with your family. You anticipate your trip for weeks ahead of time, looking forward to the opportunity to spend much needed time together. Chances are that is what Julie Mall was looking forward to, right up until a situation during her vacation spiraled out of control. Mall tells one story and officers tell another.

According to Mall, she and her family were vacationing on Bald Head Island where golf carts … Read more

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Best Golf Courses in North Carolina

May 6th, 2016

pinehurst golf courseWhen it comes to golfing, North Carolina has a rich history. From Jack Nicklaus to Payne Stewart, dozens of the biggest names in professional golf have played on our state’s fairways. While many people across the country, golf enthusiasts or not, have heard of Pinehurst and “the Sandhills” region, there are dozens of other terrific courses in the state. If you are looking for an amazing round of golf on a new-to-you green, here are some of the best of … Read more

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How to Avoid Golfing Dangers

September 4th, 2015

How to protect yourself on the greenGolf and danger. Those two words rarely go together in the minds of players or spectators. Golf is widely seen as one of the safest sports people can play. After all, what can be dangerous about walking thousands of feet chasing after a ball for an afternoon?

Truth be told, you may not be at high risk of a fracture or concussion during a round of golf, but there are risks involved with the game. Read on to find out … Read more

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Golf Carts Lack Safety Features

July 20th, 2015

golf cart signGolf carts aren’t just for the links any longer. Drive through any major city in North Carolina or any tourist town, and you just may find yourself sharing the road with these four-wheeled vehicles. Better yet, you may choose to drive one yourself. The ease of getting around town makes them quite attractive.

Unfortunately, golf carts are not required to pass the same safety standards as traditional motorized vehicles. This can put you and your passengers at very real risk … Read more

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Florida Girl Paralyzed in Golf Cart Accident

July 6th, 2015

Golf cart accident on the greenA teenage girl in Florida found her life changed in April after becoming the victim of a terrible golf cart accident. While the story is not a local one, it does serve as a reminder that golf carts need to be taken seriously. While these small vehicles are looked at as a means of easy transportation, they are rarely looked upon as being as dangerous as cars and trucks. If you ask Lexy Eukitis, 17, that is exactly how they … Read more

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