Five Common Dangers in Daycare

Author: Auger Law | May 8th, 2015

You take your children to daycare with the assumption that they will be safe. You researched the facility or provider, you interviewed employees, and you checked up with references. You did everything right.

Despite your best intentions and those of the daycare staff, accidents do happen. Your ability to receive compensation for injuries received by your child at daycare is not limited by someone’s intent. Here are five of the most common daycare dangers to be aware of.

Bottle Warmers
It is not unusual for daycare providers to use slow cookers instead of traditional bottle warmers. This is because a slow cooker can warm several bottles at one time. Slow cooker burns most often occur when a child pulls the cooker off of a counter, or a worker is moving the cooker and trips over a child.

Falling Objects
Falling objects like bookcases and shelving units are common causes of injury in the daycare setting. Accidents occur when children attempt to climb these bookcases or the bookcases are unstable. Securing shelving units to the wall behind them can help prevent these accidents.

Pinched Fingers
Have you ever slammed your finger in a car door? That same type of accident often occurs in daycares. Small children get their fingers pinched in doors and cabinets frequently. Automatic door closers can help prevent these injuries that, at times, require the amputation of fingers when severe.

Vehicular Hyperthermia
Children left in vehicles often suffer hyperthermia, or excessive body temperature. If there are vehicles on the daycare’s property, they should be kept locked at all times. If the daycare provides transportation services, be sure that head counts are conducted upon entering and exiting the vehicle.

Drop-Side Cribs
These cribs are thought to be perhaps the most dangerous on today’s market. Not only are there dangerous gaps, but the drop-side can detach from the upper corner, leaving space for a child’s head to be caught. Make sure that the cribs in use by the daycare facility you choose are not part of one of the many recalls for this type of furniture.

We hear horror stories about children being injured at the hands of daycare workers with cruel intentions. The truth is that the majority of daycare workers have children’s best interests in mind. Accidents, however, do happen.

If your child has been injured at daycare, reach out to our caring day care accident attorneys. Our team is here to get you the compensation that you and your family deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.

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