Greenville Deputy Dragged while Trying to Serve Warrant

Author: Auger Law | March 29th, 2015

download (6)A Sheriff’s deputy with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department was injured when he was dragged by a car while trying to serve a warrant last week. According to law enforcement official, the deputy was dragged while trying to serve an active warrant at the Oak Ridge Apartments located near Pelham Road at approximately 3:35 p.m.

The injured deputy and three additional deputies were in uniform when they made contact with the 26-year-old defendant, Jimmy Reese Thompson Jr. Thompson and another man then jumped into silver Honda Accord and fled the scene.

During the encounter, a deputy broke out the driver’s side window, attempting to stop the two men. The deputy was dragged a short distance but was able to free himself.  The deputy was checked out with minor injuries at an area hospital. The Sheriff’s Office was attempting to identify the second man who was driving the Honda.  Sheriff’s officials said that the two men are considered dangerous.

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