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Is Your Car Asking for Help?

man holding tools Your vehicle speaks to you, but you may not be listening. Sure, it doesn’t use complete sentences or even words, but it will let you know when it needs help. When your car or a component of it isn’t working properly, you will hear a noise or two. It’s these noises that you need to listen to. A “funny” noise from your car shouldn’t be ignored, as tempting as it is. Here is what your car may be trying to tell you.


If you hear a squealing noise from your vehicle, the most common cause is your brakes. Typically the squeal means that your pads are worn down. If you ignore the noise, your pads will continue to wear, and you will eventually ruin your rotors. The faster you heed the squeal, in most cases, the simpler and cheaper the repairs.


There aren’t many components in your vehicle that will make a scraping noise. If you hear it and your windshield wipers are on, you’ve found the culprit. It means that your blades are worn down or missing. Ignoring it could scratch your windshield. Wipers are fairly inexpensive and easy to install yourself.


A clunking noise should be diagnosed as quickly as possible. If the clunking only happens while you are driving, it may mean that a shock absorber has gone bad. If you ignore it, your steering and handling could be negatively impacted along with your brakes. A certified mechanic can get to the bottom of the issue and advise you which repairs need to be made.


A click, click, click is indicative of a CV joint that needs to be replaced if the clicking happens while you are turning. This joint provides lubrication to the front axle. If you ignore the clicking and the problem is indeed the CV joint, you will eventually cause damage to the axle itself and have to pay out for costly repairs.


When is the last time you had an oil change? If you can’t remember and you hear a ticking noise, you probably need one. If you hear the noise while your vehicle is stopped, it may mean that you are running low on oil. This is easy to check yourself in your own driveway. If you are low, take your vehicle in for a change.

Ignoring the things you car is trying to tell you may not only end up being more expensive in the long run, but could turn into a dangerous situation. If you suddenly begin to hear noises that you hadn’t heard before, have a mechanic take a look.

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