Keep an Eye Out for Pedestrians

Author: Auger Law | February 22nd, 2017

pedestrian signalDrivers regularly look out for other drivers when they are on the road. People keep an eye out for others who are speeding, they look twice before passing through intersections, and they even watch out for motorcycles when the weather turns warm. Do drivers look out for pedestrians with such regularity? Statistics would say no.

On average, a pedestrian is injured by a vehicle every seven minutes. A pedestrian is killed in an accident every two hours. Pedestrians don’t hold all of the responsibility for preventing these accidents; drivers must be aware that there could be a pedestrian around any turn. Here are some tips for drivers that may help prevent these serious accidents.

1. Avoid Any Distractions

Distracted driving is especially dangerous. Drivers should keep their eye on the road at all times. A driver is much less likely to strike a pedestrian if they are paying attention to the road. If you absolutely need to talk to or text someone, pull over into a parking lot or wait until you get to your destination.

2. Pay Attention

Scan the area ahead and around your car for pedestrians. This is especially important in areas where pedestrian traffic is likely. If you are driving through a city or even a college town, know that a pedestrian could walk into the road at any moment, and they may not wait until they reach a crosswalk.

3. Watch for Children

When you are driving through a residential neighborhood, keep your eyes peeled for children. Even with the best lessons, these little ones may dart into the road unexpectedly. Stay alert near schools, playgrounds and parks. Watch for little ones riding their bikes.

4. School Bus Rules

Always stop for a school bus that has its red lights flashing. No matter how big of a hurry you are in, passing a school bus is not only dangerous, it is illegal. The only exception is if you are traveling the opposite direction of a bus, and there is a physical median (grass or concrete) you and the bus.

5. Turn With Caution

Pedestrians don’t always see a car coming up behind them. Always look carefully before you turn a corner, especially if you are near a marked crosswalk. Make eye contact with any pedestrian waiting to cross to be sure they see you. Take a moment to give the pedestrian the right of way.

6. Obey the Crosswalk

Yield to any pedestrian in a crosswalk, even if you have a green light. Slow your speed when approaching a crosswalk and allow any pedestrians to walk. Do not attempt to drive around other vehicles near a crosswalk, and do not stop over a marked crosswalk.

Many pedestrian versus vehicle accidents can be avoided. Drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe on the road. If you are involved in a car versus pedestrian accident in Charlotte, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Reach out to our experienced team for a free consultation and let us assist you. We will review the details of your accident and advise you of your legal options.

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