Knowing When You Are Too Tired to Drive

Author: Auger Law | January 1st, 2016

Drowsy Driving Road SignYou’ve been awake for 18 hours, but you think you can make it. You’re fairly certain that you can get behind the wheel and drive safely. But wait. What you may not know is that staying awake for 18 hours does to your body what a few drinks can. Your body and brain will react in the same way that someone with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% does. Are you at risk for driving while drowsy? If any of the following apply to you, you are too tired to drive safely.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Most adults need six hours or more of sleep in order to function properly. If you have gotten less than six hours, chances are that your reaction time will be dulled, your senses will slow, and you are simply not ready to get behind the wheel of any vehicle.

  1. Insomnia

Worse than a night’s lack of sleep is true insomnia. If you aren’t sleeping at all, you have no business driving.

  1. Long Distances

Do not drive long distances without a plan in place. You should stop every 100 miles or every two hours. You can be the judge of which is best for you. Stop, get out of the car, stretch your arms and shoulders, and take a brisk walk. This will wake you up and get the blood flowing again.

  1. Night Driving

You think that you will drive at night because there will be less traffic. You want to leave early in the morning to beat rush hour. Be careful of driving when you would normally be asleep. If you can, adjust your sleep schedule a few days before your trip to give your body time to adjust.

  1. Driving Solo

If you can drive with a companion, do so. Not only will you have someone with you to keep you awake, but you have someone who can take over if you feel yourself getting drowsy. This is especially helpful if you will be driving down long, boring roads with little to look at but the pavement ahead.

Thousands of people die every year due to drowsy driving. Do not add yourself to that number. By knowing when you are too tired to drive, you keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe.

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