Plane Crash Kills Marine and Girlfriend

Author: Auger Law | June 19th, 2014

image00Ericson Davis, a 24 year old North Carolinian member of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing in New River Air Station, and his 22 year old girlfriend Anisa Tossi departed Wilmington, NC on Friday, May 22, headed for Heaven’s Landing Airport in Clayton, GA.  It was not until Sunday night that the Wilmington International Airport was notified that Davis’ plane had not reached its final destination.

Davis, a Marine pilot, had been flying a plane owned by an Aero Club from Wilmington this Memorial Day weekend. He had plans of meeting a real estate agent in hopes of purchasing property and building a home in Heaven’s Landing, a “Mountain Estate Airpark” which was situated near an airstrip.

After a “concerned party” reported the plane missing, the search for the aircraft began.  The plane, which had crashed on Friday, was not found until Monday, when the FAA located the plane’s beacon.  Davis did not file a flight path, which although is not necessary, is recommended. This could have helped searchers find the plane sooner.

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the plane crash, however, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) are going to begin investigating the crash.

Whatever the cause of the accident, from engine malfunction, damage, wing/rudder malfunction, or systems failure, no new information or justice can bring back Davis or his girlfriend Tossi.

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