Top Five Causes of Auto Accidents

Author: Auger Law | December 28th, 2015

Car accidents occur on America’s roadways every day. Some are minor, and others are life-altering. If you drive in an unsafe manner, you are putting your life and hundreds of others in danger. The following are just five of the most common reasons people are involved in vehicle collisions. What can you do to prevent them?

  1. Distracted Driving

Without a doubt, distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents today. Whether you are eating, drinking, talking, texting or otherwise doing anything but driving, you are distracted. In the time it takes to look down at your cell phone, you have covered several hundred feet of roadway when traveling at average speeds. Keep your eyes on the road.

  1. Speeding

The second-highest cause of accidents is speeding. Even just a few miles over the posted limit puts you at risk of causing or being involved in an accident. Stick to the posted speed limit; it’s there for a reason.

  1. Drunk Driving

There are an estimated 300,000 accidents in the United States each day that can be attributed to alcohol. This is an easy one to fix. If you have had even a drop of alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel. If you know you will be drinking, make plans to get home ahead of time.

  1. Reckless Driving

Changing lanes when it is not necessary. Passing cars aggressively. Speeding down the highway. These are all examples of reckless driving. If you are guilty of any of these actions, change your driving habits immediately.

  1. Rain

There isn’t much you can do about rain falling from the sky, but you can change the way you drive it in. If you can stay home, do so. If you can’t stay home, pay attention to your speed, and keep your windshield clear of water. Low visibility and slick roads are a problem during rainy weather so drive accordingly.

There are things that are simply out of your control when you drive. There are, however, several things that are completely in your control. When you are attentive to your driving habits, you and everyone else on the road are safer.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, we want to help you. You may be entitled to compensation under the law. Let us review the details of your accident at no cost to you and advise you how to best proceed. Call now.

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