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Accidents are an unfortunate part of life. There will always be someone out there who is dangerously careless or reckless, causing harm to others. It is only right that these people be made to compensate those they hurt for any injuries, damages, or deaths they cause, but that can only happen with the help of a competent attorney who knows the law and has the experience to understand what an accident victim is suffering.

A car crash in Charlotte has left one person dead and another seriously injured, after the driver lost control and ran into a tree.

The Charlotte Fire Department was called to the scene of the accident around 1:30 in the afternoon. It took almost a dozen firefighters to free a victim from the wrecked vehicle.

According to CFD, two people were taken to the hospital, both with life-threatening injuries. The driver was later declared dead.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say the car was weaving back and forth at a high rate of speed. The driver could not control it anymore, and over-corrected, sliding sideways to run off the road and slam into a tree. There were no other vehicles in the accident.

The driver was a 24-year-old male and the passenger was a 30-year-old male. Both were wearing seatbelt, according to the police. They have not yet determined if alcohol was involved.

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The most common thought that runs through a person’s mind when they think “car accident” is “driver fault”, yet that’s not the only reason why a car crash can happen. Cars are very complicated machines. A sudden mechanical failure can cause a car to become uncontrollable. That’s what happened in a recent accident in Charlotte.

Three people sustained minor injuries after a tire blew out on a car. That caused the car to swerve into the other lane and crash into another vehicle.

The US Department of Transportation says that roughly 20% of all crashes are due to mechanical failure. The owner of the car with the failure is usually liable for damages, but other parties could also be liable such as the mechanic that installed the part or the manufacturer. It can be difficult to track down exactly where the problem arose, since a problem in a part may not arise until months or even years after installation.

In complicated cases like this, that’s where skilled attorneys come into play. We know the laws, and we know how to argue for your just compensation. Whether we need to file suit against the driver, the mechanic, or even seek information for a class action against a manufacturer, the attorneys at Auger & Auger can help. Call our offices for more information and a free consultation.

“They often ask me about flying, sitting in hot tubs and scuba roller skating… but never have I been asked about traffic accidents, despite the possible threat,” says Dr.Redelmeir, a scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto.

Concerned about this unstudied risk, Redelmeier began an investigation into the driving records of pregnant women and car accidents, and found that pregnant women are far more likely to be in car accidents, up a staggering 42% when compared to non-pregnant women. Such is the risk that statistically, 1 in 50 women will be in a car crash during their pregnancy.

The study concluded that all women are equally at risk of causing car accidents, regardless of socioeconomic background or age, during their pregnancy. The only variable that changed in correlation to a woman’s pregnancy was time, and the spike happed during the first month of the second trimester.

No change in car accidents occurred when pregnant women were passengers, meaning that the great increase in accidents all occurred while the women were driving. Researchers attribute this to the fact by the second trimester, pregnant women feel normal, even though they are changing drastically both mentally and physically. Symptoms of the hormonal changes include fatigue, distraction and nausea.

Although the risk of causing accidents increases drastically during the second trimester, Dr. Redelmeier believes that “the message here is not to stop driving,” but to “start driving more carefully.” He hopes that his studies will help pregnant women realize the stress their minds and bodies are under and be more careful on the road.

According to health experts, the highest cause of infant death by trauma is car accidents, which makes sense given the increase in car accidents caused by pregnant drivers.

Incidentally, the research also concluded that by the last month of pregnancy, women were driving safer than before becoming pregnant, and by the year after giving birth, the accident rate dropped even lower.

Capture3 Who would ever expect to see an ambulance in a car accident? With blaring sirens, lights flashing, and laws requiring other motorists to yield and pull over to the side of the road, we expect ambulance drivers to be safe when responding to distress calls. However, in Lyndhurst, NJ, an SUV struck an ambulance responding to a call, causing it to hit one car on the road, and then flip onto a parked car.

Thankfully, the car in which the ambulance landed on did not contain any drivers or passengers.  However, the driver of the SUV, in his mid 20s, the ambulance driver and passenger, as well as the 63 year old driver, and 90 year old passenger in the other vehicle, were transported to local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

According to emergency services law, which is similar state to state, “the driver of a vehicle upon a highway [must] yield the right of way to any authorized emergency vehicle,” however, it does “not relieve the driver of any authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons.”

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Most parents say that they would do anything to protect their children, and Chelsi Camp did just that when she saved her two-year-old daughter Mackenzi.  Camp was dog sitting for her boyfriend’s pit bull when the normally friendly pit bull suddenly attacked.

Camp believes the dog became aggressive after smelling Camp’s own dog on Mackenzie.  As the dog sniffed Mackenzie, it attacked, biting her all over her body, especially in the head and face.  In an attempt to save her daughter, Chelsi shoved her fist into the mouth of the dog in an attempt to release the dog’s grip of her daughter. Unfortunately, to release the bite of a pit bull would require 235 pounds of force, so Chelsi did went to an extreme: she bit the dog’s ear off.

The dog then began attacking Chelsi, biting at her arms while she dialed 911. When the police arrived, they shot, but didn’t kill the dog, which was later euthanized.

In the time between the attack and when the ambulance arrived, Camp instructed Mackenzie to lay face down as the bleeding on her face was so profuse that she ran the risk of choking on her own blood.

Vicious attacks such as these make us question how safe our children really are around dogs and what we should to avoid such attacks.

It is important to remember that dogs are animals, and as animals, are unpredictable.  Even the family pet can behave erratically.  Children should never be allowed to have their face or hands anywhere near a dog’s mouth.   It is not uncommon for a dog to become aggressive when guarding their food, their babies, and their territory.

Unfortunately, children are more likely to be bit than adults.  According to, boys aged 5-9 are five times more likely to be attacked by dogs than any other people. Studies show that the high pitched noises and energetic actions of children can simulate both the playful behavior of young dogs and of that of an attacking dog. When dogs play with each other, they bite, and when they think that another animal is trying to take their food, shelter, or attack them, they fiercely defend themselves.

Victims of dog attacks should contact an attorney and learn their right to recover damages for injuries caused by a dog attacks.

Capture On Thursday, May 29, drunk driver Thabiti Pierre-Louis was speeding down the road with 5 passengers and lost control of the vehicle. The car then veered off the road, struck a pole, and flipped, killing a 4-month-old infant Londyn Johnson.

The infant was ejected from the car on impact, and when the car flipped, she was crushed beneath it.

The baby’s mother, Kayla Davis, also a passenger in the vehicle, had stowed the baby’s car seat in the trunk and held the baby on her lap when there was not enough room for all of the adult passengers to fit in the vehicle.

Five of those in the car, including Pierre-Louis, were taking to Carolinas Medical Center prior to the crash. When he was released, Pierre-Louis was taken to the Mecklenburg County Jail, and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Thabiti Pierre-Louis is currently being charged with felony death by vehicle, reckless driving, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, and possession of marijuana. The mother of the infant has been charged with felony child abuse causing serious injury.

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On May 15, a jury of 12 found Nathaniel Morales, a former youth group leader for the Covenant Life Church, guilty of two counts of second degree sexual offenses and three counts of sexually abusing a minor.  Jeremy Cook, the accuser, emotional said that “I started crying…it was overwhelming to know that the struggle, the fight, the 25 years of trying to bring this forward, was worth it.” Cook claims to have been abused over 50 times during his teenage years, and finally received justice for the crimes committed against him.

During the trial and testimonies, it was revealed that at one point Morales had lost his day job and was given a place to stay in a fellow parishioner’s home in the basement, in a room adjacent to his 15 year old son’s room. The boy, now a man 39 years old, testified years later during the trial saying that Morales would sneak into his room and molest him, threatening him that if the victim did not allow it to happen, that  “he’d have random acts of sex and get AIDS.”

Apparently, the Covenant Life Church also had a reputation of burying any allegations of sexual abuse by its members. Former Pastor Grant Layman knew of the reported abuse and did not report it to law enforcement.  When Layman testified during Morales’ trial, he admitted that he had an obligation to report the abuse but that he failed to do so.

Pam Palmer, a member of the Covenant Life Church for 23 years, claims that her daughter was abused by a teenager in the youth group in the 1990’s, and with the help of investigators, pursued charges. Pam believes that the Church should be held accountable for covering up sexual abuse and housing known predators because it only puts the children in more danger, remarking “They had a lot to protect. They had money, power and prestige.”

Because the church attempted to cover up the sexual abuses, multiple lawsuits will be filed against them from victims and their families. Cook concludes that “They left this predator on the street when they had knowledge, and ultimately they’ll have to answer to that, whether it be to the courts, or whether it be to God”

Like most child molesters, Morales used his position as spiritual leader at Covenant Life church to gain the trust of the young teens he abused in the late 80s and early 90s.  According to the Department of Justice, 60% of boys, and 80% of girls, who were victims of sexual abuse, knew their abuser and that the abuser was likely to be a relative, family friend, care giver, teacher, or other person in a position of authority over the child.  The DOJ further reports that 80% of child molesters are men.

The experienced Charlotte sexual abuse attorneys at Auger & Auger have been representing victims and their families for over 25 years.  If you have a question about a possible sexual abuse or assault case, do not hesitate to call.  The consultation is free and confidential. (704) 364-3361.

image004 Recently, an 8 month old girl secured by a seat belt to the “Nap Nanny” seat became trapped between the seat and the crib bumper and died (Picture to the right shows a doll in the unsafe position).

The product “Nap Nanny” was originally recalled after 5 cases of infant deaths using the product, and not by the manufacturer- Toys R’ Us and are among the 4 major retailers to recall the Nap Nanny themselves. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been negotiating a mandatory recall with the manufacturing company, Baby Matters, it has been unsuccessful, and opened a law suit against Baby Matters.

The company’s founder, mother and Philadelphia sportscaster Leslie Gudel, contends that her product is safe, and that no baby has died while using the “Nap Nanny” correctly.

The first product was initially recalled and redesigned in 2010 after the first reported infant death. Additional warning labels were added, sides were raised, and an instructional video was even put on the company website.

The CPSC says that the nap nanny poses “a substantial risk of injury or death to infants,” however, according to Gudel, “when the Nap Nanny has been used properly, no infant has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention.”

The parents of the children who have died in the Nap Nanny admit that they put their babies in the Nap Nanny inside of cribs or in high places, which the warning labels explicitly say not to do. When babies gain the ability to crawl or roll over the edges of the Nap Nanny, they can easily fall far distances onto hard surfaces or suffocate if they are trapped between the Nap Nanny and a crib wall.

5 of the 6 deaths attributed to the Nap Nanny recliner were cases in which the product was placed inside of a crib and fell through a crack.  The 6th death was caused when the baby rolled over onto his stomach and suffocated due to not being secured in the harness.

Public response has been surprisingly one-sided, citing the problem to be caused by the parents rather than the product itself. As the product is meant to be “standalone,” meaning to be used independently of a crib, 5 of the 6 deaths are caused by not reading the directions. The other death was caused by the

As of now, it is illegal to sell the Nap Nanny in the United States, and Feds urge parents to stop using it.

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image02This Memorial Day weekend on Sunday, May 25, a train carrying hundreds of military vehicles crashed into a semi-truck stuck on the tracks.

The truck became “high centered” as it approached the track, becoming stranded atop the small hill that the tracks were on. Video taken by witness Tee Sae, indicates that the truck seems to have the front end dipped down, while the back wheels have risen in the air, unable to propel the truck off of the track. (Picture on right is from after the collision, taken from source video website)

Videos were taken from both sides of the train during the accident: One perspective shows the truck driver running onto the tracks signaling for the train to stop, while on the other side, a passenger in another vehicle is recording a video of the Stryker armored troop carriers on board just before the collision. The second perspective also shows the unhinged semi roll into the road just in front of oncoming traffic the recorder’s car stop a mere 20 yards before impact.

image003The image to the right was taken from the sourced video less than a second before the collision.

According to, it can take trains that are extremely heavy and long, this one in particular over a mile long, close to their length to stop. Unfortunately it seems, the train engineer did not see the truck until it was too late, and although the train honked its horn a dozen times, nothing could be done in the brief period of time until the impact.

Thankfully, the semi-truck did not contain any chemicals or petroleum, only mixed nuts, and no one was harmed in the collision. One can only imagine the aftermath if a gas or dangerous chemical truck had been stranded on that railroad.

Fortunately, no one was harmed in the collision, and even more surprising is that no cars were harmed when the semi was shot into traffic from the tracks.

Incidents like this make us question conventional ways that we build our infrastructure. Although tracks are built on hills for a variety of reasons, it may be a good idea to expand the bases of these tracks so that vehicles do not risk bottoming out or becoming “high centered.”

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Four month old Logan Bryant died at a Chesterbrook Academy Dare Care center last year, and parents are now suing the Day Care and charges of neglect are being pressed upon the day care workers.

Video cameras at the day care center show Shanita Wright, one of the day care staff charged with neglect, placing Logan in a crib on his stomach to sleep, which is a violation of state safe-sleep rules. When Wright left for a lunch break, Stephanie Johnson began supervising Logan and 5 other children.

Johnson placed a washcloth over the face down baby’s head, violating another state rule, and left for another room to watch 5 other babies. The recording then shows Johnson proceed to use her cellphone and FALL ASLEEP, failing to check on the infant at all during the next hour. During the hour that Logan was face down alone in his crib, he died. At 2:30 pm, an hour after he was placed in the crib, another worker came to check on Logan, finding him with no pulse and unresponsive.

The chief Mecklenburg medical examiner, Thomas Owens, examined the body, and estimated the cause of death to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, otherwise known as SIDS. Researchers and medical examiners across the country have stopped calling these unexplained deaths SIDS, because in two thirds of SIDS cases, autopsies link a possibility of suffocation, which infants are especially vulnerable to whilst on their backs. According the North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Deborah Radisch, deaths should only be attributed to SIDS “if all investigative findings and risk factors are negative.” In a letter to the Bryant family, Owens wrote “I am at least 75% sure of the diagnosis.” and that he had ruled out any other reasonable explanations.

Also, Logan was found with vomit in his throat and mouth, and Owens says that the death was likely not caused by suffocation on the vomit and that the fluids are part of the dying process: “I cannot prove nor do I believe that he smothered/suffocated in the mattress of that he choked on vomit.”

Owens also claims that the washcloth placed on the back of Logan’s head, although against state rules, “likely had little to no impact on the situation.”

Even though the medical examiner claims to be75% sure of his diagnosis, it will be up to a jury to decide whether the daycare’s negligence was the cause of baby Logan’s death.

Find out more about preventing daycare injuries at   NC Daycare injury lawyers fighting for the rights of children and their families.

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