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Why Tire Blowouts Happen and How to React

Tire blowout If you spend enough time driving in your car, you undoubtedly have seen pieces of tire scattered along the side of the highway. This debris is the result of a tire blowout, typically from a semi truck. Unfortunately, passenger vehicles can sustain blowouts as well, and many people don’t know how to react when a blowout happens.

Causes of Blowouts

While manufacturer defect cannot be ruled out as a cause for tire blowouts, other causes are much more common. Potholes, cuts, small punctures and even overloading the vehicle can cause tires to fail. A tire blowout can happen quickly, but new technologies have reduced the number of accidents that are caused by these mishaps.

Unfortunately, when an accident from a blowout does occur, the results are often severe. This is typically because a driver does not know how to react to such an incident. It takes a quarter of a second for a tire to blow. This offers very little reaction time. In many cases, the loud noise coupled with the sudden movement of the car causes drivers to react drastically.

How To React to a Blowout

Experts suggest that there are ways for drivers to respond to blowouts that can help to reduce the chances of becoming involved in an accident. Knowing how to respond to the situation before it occurs can keep you and your passengers, as well as others on the road, safe. Here’s what to do.

1. Continue Your Speed

Do not slam on the brakes if you experience a blowout. You are going to lose traction when one of your tires goes. The best thing to do is to let off the accelerator, but do not apply the brakes. Doing so will allow your vehicle to slow naturally without causing it to slide out of control.

2. Counter Steer

Gently steer your car in the direction opposite of your car’s desired pattern of travel. This will help to counter the vehicle’s movement and allow you to avoid colliding with other traffic. Do not yank on the steering wheel in a panic. This type of action will only serve to cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

3. Slow Down

Once you have the vehicle under control, it is safe to brake gently. As the car slows, it will be easier to steer it to the side of the road. Once you get there, bring the car to a complete stop, gather your emotions and call a tow truck operator. Unless you have been in an accident, it is not necessary to call the police.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another vehicle’s tire blowout in Charlotte, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and property damage. Call our experienced car accident attorneys today for a free case evaluation. You should not have to suffer financially due to someone’s error or negligence. Let us assist you in recovering damages for your accident.

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