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Man’s House Explodes due to Unsafe Heater

download (85) As winter weather cuts in through the Carolinas, people are looking for ways to stay warm. But some of those ways can cause unintentional injury. A man in Caldwell County has been hurt after he tried a different way to stay warm.

The wind had knocked the power out of his house and killed his furnace. Needing heat, he used a propane heater that was meant for outdoor use inside of his home. The propane heater got very hot. So hot that it ignited a second bottle of propane near the heater. It exploded and damaged the walls and roof of his home.

Incredibly, the man was able to use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames, then shoot a window and crawl out of the damage before fire crews arrived. He was conscious and able to tell firefighters what happened despite his second and third degree burns. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hypothermia is nothing to joke about, but heating your home in unsafe ways can lead to situations like this. If someone else has been injured in this explosion the man could have been held liable for compensation. More layers or going to a warmer location might have been better solutions.

Be safe this winter season and stay warm. This has been a message from Auger & Auger.

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