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School Sign

With the beginning of another school year, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol has issued a reminder to drivers to use extra caution when in or around school zones. As a preventative measure, troopers are going to be visible around school zones and other known accident prone areas. First Sergeant Andreas Dietrich said, “Hopefully the sight of blue lights and a patrol car will get people to pay attention.” When our North Carolina personal injury lawyers read this article, we were reminded of some of the tragic accidents that we have seen over the years that caused families so much heartache.

The beginning of school is always exciting for children of all ages, and with all of the excitement, they often forget to use the safety precautions that they have learned. Traffic levels are increased due to school buses, parents that drop off/pick up their students, and the newly licensed high school students now driving to school.

High school drivers are considerably more likely to be distracted while driving, according to the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the UNC Highway Research Center. Some of the frightening statistics about teenage drivers, includes the following:

• Car accident fatalities are three times higher for 16 year olds than other drivers

• 25% of all 16 year old North Carolina drivers have a car accident and half of those accidents cause injuries or fatalities

• 66% of the fatalities in teenage accidents involves the driver or their passengers

• 61% of teenage drivers and 54% of their passengers do not wear seat belts

In addition to being extra watchful for school children, all drivers need to understand the North Carolina school bus laws. The yellow flashing lights warn that the bus is slowing down to let children on or off. The red flashing lights and the extended arms mean children are getting on or off. Drivers cannot proceed until the lights cease to flash and the extended arms are retracted. Children should be warned to stay far enough back from the buses so the driver can see them and never walk behind a bus.

The Highway Patrol also issued warnings about distractions that are dangerous or prohibited. Cell phone usage or other mobile phone technology is prohibited for those drivers under the age of 18. Drivers of all ages are prohibited from texting or reading text messages while operating a vehicle. For all drivers, driving and talking on a cell phone increase the odds of having an accident and should not be done. Finally, “Buckle Up!” Wearing a seat belt will increase your odds of avoiding serious injury or death in any type of vehicle.

If you, a relative or a friend have had a child suffer injuries or death while crossing a street in a school zone, you need to immediately seek the advice and counsel of a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. Remember, North Carolina is a contributory negligence state and the insurance company representing the other party will be doing everything possible to place negligence on someone else to avoid any monetary responsibility.

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Bullied Child

Our North Carolina daycare injury lawyers have always known that dangers existed in our daycare facilities, which cause injuries to children left in their care. Until recently, we thought we had seen and heard it all. A very distressing surveillance video from a Vicksburg, Mississippi daycare facility was recently made public, showing a nine-year-old boy wreaking havoc on other children. The video from Kiddie City Childcare Center highlights the very real issue of bullying in daycare centers that can be violent and abusive to children of very tender ages.

The dramatic video observation showed the nine-year-old boy biting, choking, hitting, kicking and chasing toddlers over a 15 to 20 minute time interval without being noticed or stopped by daycare personnel in the room. A parent of a little one year old girl, Jamie Williams, 29, stated that his daughter had been coming home from the facility for a week or so with bite marks and a busted lip. When questioned, he said the workers at the center were unaware of any incidents that had occurred.

Vinia Dolley, the nine-year-old boy’s aunt, said “He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child.”
One of the Kiddie City Childcare workers, Sandra Trevillion, was arrested by the Vicksburg police and charged her with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor. Reportedly, she was being held on a $2,656 bond when the story aired and was facing a court appearance at a later date. Further investigation of the matter was being performed by the Department of Human Services to determine whether additional charges would be forthcoming.

In January 2012, another dreadful incident in Pittsburgh at the Tender Care Learning Center revealed that a daycare worker had been sexually assaulting twelve boys between the ages of six and 17. The incidents occurred over a period of several years and many of the victims were youngsters he had met while working at the center as an instructor.

While there are many good quality day care centers, parents still must be vigilant when their children attend daycare facilities. Make unannounced visits to get an idea of what goes on when you are not there, and take notice of the demeanor in which the staff interacts with the children. You need to be proactive and closely check your child for any evidence of violence or child abuse, such as bite marks, scratches, bruises or any other signs of injury. If the child is old enough to communicate what goes on during the day at the facility, you ought to make inquiries about anything unusual occurring. Unfortunately, depending on the age of the child they may or may not know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Also, make certain the facility separates children by age groups.

If you or someone you know has children who have been injured or abused at a North Carolina daycare facility, you need to contact an experienced personal lawyer immediately.

At Auger & Auger, our attorneys devote 100% of their practice to helping people who have suffered a variety of serious personal injuries, including representing parents of small children who have been injured at child care facilities.

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Emergency Room Sign

The North Carolina Department of Transportation 2011 accident statistics have just been analyzed by AAA Carolinas, revealing the counties where people were most likely to be involved in a fatal accident. When our North Carolina car accident attorneys read the study, it was proof of what we had seen over the years in our practice.

A vast majority of traffic deaths occur in rural counties, where the roads are narrow, with lots of curves, little or no shoulders and minimal police presence. As a result, there were an increased number of fatal accidents involving speeding, alcohol and young drivers. The counties that had the most deaths per mile traveled were Clay, Graham, Hyde, Roberson and Hertford. On a national basis, statistics show that two-thirds of all fatal accidents happen on rural roads.

If you have driven in Pitt County and not been involved in an accident, you are lucky. For the last four years, it has led the list for having the greatest chance of being involved in any kind of accident, along with New Hanover, Person, Watauga and Cumberland Counties.

“The Tail of the Dragon”, is a scenic roadway in our North Carolina Mountains close to the Tennessee border. Located in Graham County, the roadway has eleven miles with 318 curves and is extremely popular for motorcycle riding. As a result, Graham County tops the list as being the most dangerous county for motorcycle injuries and fatalities, along with Alleghany, Clay, Pamlico and Pender Counties.

North Carolina has always had a large concentration of eighteen-wheeler traffic, especially through the central and eastern portion of the state. These tractor-trailers are a danger to drivers of smaller vehicles, which are no match for a 80,000 pound truck going 65 to 75 miles per hour. The counties that had the most eighteen-wheeler fatalities were Richmond, Hyde, Yadkin, Ashe and Northampton.

Although the total number of fatal accidents has gone down over the last few years, from 1,482 in 2008 to 1,217 in 2011, Mecklenburg County has had a 46% increase in deaths, from 46 in 2010 to 67 in 2011. Unfortunately, statistics show that there are more than three people per day killed on North Carolina roadways. However, if you live in Swain County or Yancey County, you are in the safest counties for not being in an accident or in one that resulted in injuries.

Whether you have suffered injuries in an accident, or lost a loved one in a fatality, you need to seek the advice of an attorney who is experienced in handling all types of North Carolina injury cases. Do this before you talk to the insurance company or give them any statements about how the accident happened or sign any documents that could release them from any further responsibility.

At Auger & Auger, we have over 40 years of experience handling car accidents, motorcycle accidents, eighteen-wheeler accidents and other accidents resulting in serious injuries and death. Our team can help you by investigating the accident and preserving all of the evidence necessary to prove that the other party’s negligence was the cause of the collision. This will assure that you maximize your recovery.

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Walk sign

When a pedestrian or a cyclist is hit by any type of vehicle, the resulting injuries are usually serious, since the injured person had little or no protection. Our North Carolina car accident attorneys have seen the serious injuries and fatalities caused by drivers who were not paying attention, distracted, on their cell phone, texting or impaired.

Pedestrian injuries often occur at intersections where there are marked crosswalks. Unfortunately, motorists end up striking pedestrians because they are watching for vehicles rather than people, are in a hurry, or are otherwise distracted.

Cyclists are frequently injured when struck from behind by the driver of a vehicle traveling in the same direction. The next most common accident involving cyclists is when the driver of a vehicle turns into the path of a bicycle at an intersection or crosswalk.

Just recently, we wrote about such a tragedy that occurred on the Fourth of July in Raleigh. A logging truck traveling in the same direction as a cyclist struck it from behind. The accident claimed the life of Steven Jordan, the Director of North Carolina’s Mental Health Division. Police investigation revealed that the accident could have been prevented if the driver of the truck had moved over a sufficient distance to pass safely or maintained a safe distance behind the cyclist until it was safe to pass.

Unfortunately in cases like this the injuries are generally serious, often resulting in death. Even if it appears that there should not be any issue about who is at fault, the insurance company representing the driver of a vehicle involved with a pedestrian or a cyclist will often try and place some blame on the victim. Unfortunately, North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, meaning, any amount of negligence by the injured party will prevent his recovery of damages.

Since pedestrian and cyclist accidents involve individuals with little or no protection, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and even death, are likely outcomes of being struck by a vehicle. The medical expenses and loss of income suffered by those victims can be overwhelming. In order to recover, it must be proven that the driver of the vehicle was negligent and that their negligence caused the resulting injuries, whether it be from going too fast, not maintaining a safe distance, failing to yield the right of way, momentary inattention or driving while impaired.

In cases where the injured individual has medical expenses and other losses that exceed the liability limits of the at fault person, he can look to his own automobile policy and make a claim under his uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Even though they are a pedestrian or a cyclist, their own personal automobile policy will provide coverage if they are struck by an uninsured motorist, a hit-and-run driver or someone who has inadequate coverage to fully compensate them. Your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can compensate you over and above the negligent driver’s insurance up to the limits of your policy.

If you, a family member or a friend have been involved in pedestrian or cyclist accident, you should seek the advice of an experienced car accident attorney.

Auger & Auger is a personal injury law firm that has devoted its practice to a wide array of personal injury matters, including pedestrian and bicycle accidents. For over 40 years, the attorneys at Auger & Auger have devoted 100% of their practice to personal injury and insurance law.

For your convenience, we have five offices. We have three offices in Charlotte and one each in Greensboro and Raleigh.

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