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downloadIt was a warm homecoming for a firefighter who had been injured in a two-vehicle crash last week when his fellow volunteers were there to greet him. Ricky Tallent had been involved in an accident that was caused by a car that crossed the center line. The accident left Tallent with a broken foot and arm among other injuries.

Fellow firefighters came over to his home to build a wheelchair ramp for Tallent while he was still in the hospital undergoing surgery for his injuries. While Tallent will have to undergo more surgeries to correct the injuries from the accident, it was their collective gesture of caring let him know that his fellow firefighters will be there for him as he travels the long road to recovery.

When recovering after an accident, it often falls on families, loved ones and coworkers to help that person. Ricky Tallent is fortunate to have had friends and coworkers who were there to get him during his rescue, and to help make his recovery time easier by installing a ramp at his home.  Everyone needs someone who will stand beside them in their time of need.

After an accident, when there are serious injuries involved, that is the time when you need someone to give you good legal advice. Before you sign a statement or any settlement offer, call the Law Offices of Auger & Auger.  We will even be there to act as a representative between you and the insurance companies. We will also make sure that you receive what your case is really worth.

Auger and Auger is there to help you in whatever way possible.  We are knowledgeable about personal injury and accident and can help you fight to see that justice is served.  Call us to schedule a free consultation and legal analysis.

AT&T’s campaign entitled “It Can Wait” released results from its survey last week which should be disturbing to most drivers. 2,000 people responded to the survey, and each reported both owning a smartphone and driving at least once each day. Driving, as defined by the survey, includes both being in motion and stopped at a traffic signal.

In the survey, drivers admitted to using social media sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as texting, emailing, and video chatting while driving. Respondents also admitted to taking selfies while driving and posting those pictures to social media sites.

Four in 10 of the people surveyed admitted to using social media while operating their vehicles. One in 10 admit to chatting via video, and even more admitted to texting, either reading or composing, while driving. The results show just how dangerous it is becoming to drive on the road.

Florida state Representative Irving Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, says that it’s a free-for-all on the roads. “They’re texting, GPSing, they’re Instagramming and on Facebook,” Slosberg said. Calling the behavior of distracted drivers crazy, the representative is calling for car manufacturers to help solve the problem.

Slosberg’s idea is for auto manufacturers to design and install technology in new cars that would disable cell phones once drivers begin to operate their vehicles. If car manufacturers don’t get on board, Slosberg wants to see the laws changed.

Currently, texting and driving is illegal in many states, but it is a secondary crime. That means that unless you are pulled over for speeding or another citable offense, you cannot be charged with the crime of texting while driving. In many states, this is similar to seat belt laws.

Texting and driving is undoubtedly the leading cause of distraction. 59% of respondents say that they read texts while driving. 43% of drivers admit to composing and sending a text. A startling 17% of drivers are taking selfies behind the wheel, and 14% are hanging out on Twitter.

Perhaps more disturbing that these statistics is that close to half of the people surveyed believe that they are performing these actions without risk of harm to themselves or others. According to Dr. Michael West of St. Mary’s Medical Center, that simply is not true. There is, according to the doctor, an increase in trauma accidents due to distracted driving.

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, contact our compassionate team of attorneys immediately. We are here for you and want to help you get your life back on track. Call us now.

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Most people have taken a flight at least once in their lives. Those who haven’t have probably picked someone up at the airport. It’s usually a routine operation. You arrive at the airport, check your bags, and wait at the gate. If you are picking someone up, you wait at the flight board to watch for their arrival. It is all rather ho-hum and, if we are honest, boring.

Last week, employees and passengers got quite a show at the airport when an elderly man stripped naked to protest the overbooking of his flight to Jamaica. The man had been told repeatedly that he was not able to board his flight taking off from the Charlotte Douglas International airport. To display his frustration, the man removed his clothing.

According to Charlotte resident Sherry Ketchie, 38, the more the airport employee tried to talk to the man, the angrier he got. Eventually, the man removed his shirt. He walked to the bathroom and returned without clothing. The man then headed back to the US Airways counter and continued his argument with the employee.

Funny to most at first, people quickly became alarmed at the man’s growing irritation. The heated argument continued until the police arrived and arrested him. The elderly gentleman told the police that he had stripped down to his birthday suit because he had gotten hot.

Although the police department did not respond to calls seeking comment, they did tell WBTV that the man was taken for treatment due to medical conditions and will not be charged in the incident. Says Ketchie, “There was no reason to get so angry to strip to the nude. I’m sure there were other flights he could have waited for.”

It is unknown what type of medical condition the man was or is suffering from.

If you have been injured at the hands of another, our team of personal injury lawyers is here for you. Contact our offices for assistance immediately. First consultations are always handled at no cost to you. Call our team today and start putting the pieces of your life back together.

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17505955906_85c4c5629c_kHAMPSTEAD, N.C. – A South Carolina family’s life has been forever changed after a drive through North Carolina, and a church community is mourning.

Last Sunday, a South Carolina preacher and his family were driving down the North Carolina coast on the way home from a wedding just outside of Wilmington. A two-year-old boy was killed in the accident and a mother was injured.

The accident happened while Hadley Eddings, pregnant, was sitting at a red light. In the back seat was her two-year-old son. Eddings is the wife of Gentry Eddings, a Forest Hill Church worship leader. Gentry Eddings was driving a separate car and his parents were in another.

As the car was stopped, it was struck from behind by an 18 wheeler whose driver failed to stop. The crash occurred just after noon. As the 18 wheeler hit Eddings’ vehicle, she was pushed into her husband’s. His car was forced off of the road and overturned prior to coming to a stop in the median. Eddings’ parents’ car was also struck.

Hadley Eddings, 37 weeks pregnant, was immediately transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Eddings underwent an emergency cesarean section. The infant is currently on life support and Eddings is listed in good condition. Doctors remain hopeful about the baby’s recovery and report that the baby is responsive to touch.

The driver of the truck has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. Together with troopers, the district attorney’s office will complete an investigation and determine if additional charges are warranted. Troopers report that the crash caused the US 17 southbound lanes to be closed for approximately four hours.

Members of the Eddings’ church, friends, and family remain in mourning for the loss of one of their own. Funeral service information for the toddler has not been released.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, no matter how serious, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and more. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys are here for you and will work to get you everything that you deserve. Please call our offices as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

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3133178187_d1ac74ce52_mRALEIGH, N.C. – An American, who was killed this week in an Afghanistan Taliban attack, dedicated her life to helping the poor in under-developed nations.

Paula Kantor, 46, traveled all over the world, working to provide aid to those less fortunate, especially women. Kantor was staying at Park Palace Hotel when it was raided by gunmen late Wednesday. The incident left 14 people dead.

Kantor was a gender and development specialist in Kabul to work on a project. She was working with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico.

According to Kantor’s father, she spent her entire adult life working overseas in a variety of countries. Her goal was to improve the economic positions of women. She had joined the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in February as the center’s senior scientist. She is described as having been talented, committed, and energetic.

Kantor worked as the director of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit for two years. Previously, she was based in Malaysia doing work for WorldFish.

Her father says that she was a typical high school student, but began to change in college. A professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill talked Kantor into working in India where she was exposed to extreme poverty. Coming home, Kantor had a different view point when it came to materialism and helping the impoverished.

Kantor’s parents last saw her in February when she visited home between stays overseas.

Also killed in the attack were a British citizen, four Indian nationals, two Pakistanis, and an Italian. Five Afghans were killed and seven were left wounded. The area was quickly surrounded by armed police and special forces. The Taliban claimed responsibility in an e-mailed statement.

The incident heightens fears of attacks against foreigners by the Taliban. It is reported that the three gunmen were all killed during the ensuing shootout.

Our deepest sympathies are with Ms. Kantor’s family and the families of all involved in the incident.

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download (95)A collision between a car and a truck on Highway 601 near Baucom Deese Road in Union County early Friday morning has left an elderly woman dead. According to authorities, Geneva Murray Ennis, 84, ran a red light and was hit by a pickup truck. The victim was declared dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck was uninjured. There are no charges pending for the driver of the pickup truck.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that is when you need an attorney to give you sound advice. Before you talk to an insurance claims adjuster or anyone else after an accident, call the offices of Auger & Auger. We will do everything we can to help you to recover the cost of your medical treatment and ongoing care, loss of work from time off the job, damages, pain and suffering and even wrongful death.

At Auger & Auger, we are focused in all areas of both accident and personal liability law.   Our attorneys know just what needs to be done in a personal injury or accident case.  Have someone on your side that will fight for fairness and get you the settlement you deserve. Call us today for a free initial consultation about your case.

Anyone who has watched crime TV knows about “Miranda Rights.” Legally known as the Miranda warning, this list of elements is read to you after you are taken into custody and before you are questioned.

What do you really know about your Miranda warning? From the point of view of the suspect, these elements serve to remind you that you have the right to remain silent and to an attorney. To an officer, the warning aids in preserving the admissibility of any statements you make into an official court proceeding.

It’s important to understand that the police aren’t your enemy but, if you are a suspect, they are not your friend. Anything that you say, whether as an utterance or formerly, can come back to haunt you.

The specific wording of the warning can vary from place to place. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules. No matter how the warning is worded, it must contain the following elements:

  •  You do have the right to not answer questions (or to remain silent)
  • Anything that you decide to say can be used against you in court
  • You have the right to consult an attorney before you answer questions
  • An attorney must be appointed to you before questioning if you so desire (if you cannot afford to pay for one)
  • You can stop answering questions whenever you like
  • You must be asked if you understand your rights after they have been explained to you

Understand that if you are read your Miranda warning, you are suspected of doing something illegal. No police officer is going to “read you your rights” unless they plan on asking you some very serious questions.

If you feel as though you must say something, which most lawyers advise against, keep your statements very simple. Do not get so pumped with adrenaline that you start speaking and can’t stop. Chances are very high that you will say something that, later, you wish you hadn’t.

If you have been injured by someone during the commission of a crime or otherwise, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our experienced attorneys immediately. We are here to help ensure that you get everything you deserve. We are happy to help you put the pieces of your life back together. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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8684229367_2826035583_mWhat do you know about DUI? If you have been directly involved with a drinking and driving incident, you may know quite a bit. Here are some more facts about driving under the influence that you may find interesting.

What is impairment?
Impairment has nothing to do with the type of alcohol you consume and everything to do with the amount. The only thing that will rid your body of alcohol is time. Coffee, water, a cold shower…nothing is going to sober you up.

How long before you get caught?
Statistics have shown that the first-time a person is caught driving drunk is not the first time they have driven drunk.

How many people are effected?
27 people are killed in a drunk-driving related crash every day. That is one person every 53 minutes.

What about drivers under-21?
When you have not hit the legal drinking age, you are under a zero-tolerance policy. That is, no matter how little alcohol you have in your system, you are considered to be driving impaired.

How often do drunk driving accidents occur?
Someone in the United States is injured in a drunk driving related crash every 90 seconds.

How many victims?
There are close to 10,000 victims of drunk drivers. In 2011, there were 9,878 people injured or killed.

Do people stop driving after a license suspension?
Statistics say no. Between 50 and 75% of people who get their license suspended or revoked after a DUI conviction continue to drive illegally.

Are teens at higher risk?
Traffic collisions of any nature are the leading cause of death among teenagers. 1/3 of accidents that teens are involved in can be attributed to alcohol or other substances.

Is DUI at its highest rate?
No. In fact, thanks to the efforts of law enforcement, DUI is at one of its lowest points in history. Since 1980, deaths related to drunk driving have been reduced by half.

How many children are effected?
According to 2010 statistics, there were 211 children killed in DUI crashes. 62% of those children were passengers in a vehicle driven by an impaired driver.

What about kids who drink?
Children and teens who get involved with alcohol at an early age are seven times more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related crash sometime in their lives.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, we are here for you. Reach out to our compassionate team today for the help that you need.

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download (74)A woman has died from a motorcycle accident in Rock Hill on Highway 5 on Saturday. The York County Coroner has identified the victim in the two-car crash as Fellicia Mallohan, 52.  Mallohan, a resident of Pineville, North Carolina, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

According to investigators, Mallohan was riding a Harley Davidson when she crashed into a 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe at approximately 2:30 p.m. Mallohan was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and was she was thrown from the motorcycle she was riding.

The SUV driver was wearing a seat belt.

Serious injuries or even death can sometimes be caused as a result motor vehicle accidents.  Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable because they are more exposed to both the elements and the hazards of the road.  Riders should always wear a helmet and other protection gear to stay safe. And remember, motorcycles are everywhere.

If you or someone you love has been involved in and injured in an accident involving a motorcycle or other motor vehicle, give the offices of Auger & Auger a call. Our practice focuses on personal injury cases and we have years of experience in helping clients received compensation for their injuries.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

5876554199_4d07253843_zDog Bite Prevention Week begins Sunday, May 17, 2015. Originating with the AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, the idea of the week is to teach people how to avoid dog bites and what to do if one should occur.

Many people mistakenly think that their family pet will not bite. The truth is this: any dog with teeth can and will bite. Even the family pet. Knowing how to live with, supervise, and react to your dog can help minimize the chances of a bite.

With children. If you have a mixture of dogs and children in your home, you need to teach your kids to respect the animal. Even the most patient and tolerant dogs need a bit of alone time now and then. Teach your children not to bother the dog when it is eating, sleeping, or clearly trying to be alone.

With strangers. Do not force your dog to interact with strangers if it doesn’t seem comfortable doing so. A dog that is shy or fearful around people it doesn’t know is more likely to bite than one that is comfortable with new people. You can aid this by socializing your puppy from a young age. If you adopt an adult dog, slowly and regularly introducing it to new situations is far safer than bombarding it with the unfamiliar.

With adults. Even adults in the family can lack basic knowledge of dog body language and behavior. This can be dangerous. Dogs that are ill, injured, or simply want to be left alone, can lash out. Do yourself a favor and read a book about canine body language. Watch a few videos on dog behavior. The more you understand about your animal, the less likely you are to get bit.

Your dog is part of your family, and each member of your family should be comfortable around your pet. By learning how to read dogs, teaching your children to respect animals, and not putting your dog in situations that make it fearful, you can help to prevent a bad situation from occurring in your home.

If you or a loved one are bitten by a dog that is not your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Our team is here to help you. We will review the facts of your case and advise you as to the best steps moving forward. Call us today to begin the process of compensation.

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